Rumor: Backstage Problems Between The Undertaker And Vince McMahon


About a month ago, it was reported that The Undertaker had informed Vince McMahon he was done wrestling. There seems to be something to it in light of a new report. The Daily Wrestling News is reporting that Vince recently tried to contact 'Taker about working SummerSlam but didn't even get an answer from him.

According to the report, people close to 'Taker said he doesn't plan on wrestling again. In addition to that, Vince wanted Shane to go over in their WrestleMania 32 match, but 'Taker refused and pulled himself from future dates.

Vince is a little rattled by the recent rift, but is still looking for a way to fix things. Taker's contract requires no obligation from him to wrestle until 2017, as his contract only requires him to work one match a year. If 'Taker doesn't wrestle in a year, the contract freezes and automatically adds another year.

It doesn't sound like Undertaker to refuse doing a job. We'll see if he ends up back in the squared circle one last time.

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