Rumor: WWE Plans To Throw A Curveball In Bayley & Sasha Banks Story

A rumor has circulated suggesting Bayley could turn heel on Sasha Banks.

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks has been in an interesting position lately. Many people feel that she will take on her friend Bayley, also a WWE Superstar, at WrestleMania. While this seems great, considering the last few matches they had together, it makes you wonder. Why would WWE go with this again, and seem to make us watch the same story? Well, what if they didn't?

See, we're all assuming that WWE will turn Banks heel and have her attack her best friend Bayley in order to set up a match down the road. It makes sense, as Sasha has been an impressive heel in the past and has been on top of the world when she was one too. When she went face, she may have won some titles, but never truly stood out as the top female of the brand. Going heel again makes sense, and we could see the Banks we know and love again.

Yet the issue with this is that Banks eventually has to stand out as a face to truly work in WWE, as you need to be able to do both well to be a top star. While you may never do both, it is the ability to do it that makes you stand out. Yet the issue for Banks is the material she has been given to work with. What if that changed? What if Banks stays face and a similar story played differently could be done? Enter the Bayley heel turn.


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According to recent reports, Bayley is set to team up with her Mixed Match Challenge (MMC) partner Elias against John Cena and Nikki Bella at a live event in Madison Square Garden. People assume that this makes sense considering Bayley and Elias are in the MMC, but the problem is that they don't mesh well together outside of this. Cena and Bella are about to be married, so we get why they are together.

Also, Bayley and Elias are not going to be teaming up all the way to WrestleMania time for the MMC. This live event takes place on March 16th, around a month from now. It's also a few weeks shy of WrestleMania time. Elias and Cena are involved in a rivalry right now, so it makes sense for them to team up against one another. Why have Bayley join in to help him though? She has no issue with Nikki and any heel female star from Raw would work just as well.

The Wrestling Observer states that it makes sense this is happening if there is a heel turn for Bayley, but certainly not if there isn't a plan for that. Claiming:

“So perhaps the Bayley/Sasha thing will be Bayley turning and not Sasha… Maybe. Or they don’t know what they are doing and they needed.. I don’t even know why. Why you would have Bayley team with Elias?”

Via WWE.com

The Observer speculated that it would be a massive swerve by WWE to have Bayley turn heel and Banks be the face in their rivalry. This would make sense for WWE. How many times during rivalries that WWE comes back to do everything remain the same the entire time? It needs to change to add depth to the rivalry of Banks and Bayley.

We already know they work well together and we already know how impressive they are individually, but neither has managed to really get over as well as they had in NXT. Of course, this is common among NXT wrestlers as the main roster often times does not know how to creatively work with them as well as the NXT creative staff has.

Sasha Banks managed to do well enough on the main roster for her career to be considered a good success there, but Bayley has sort of gone from 100 to 20. She was great initially and then creatively WWE seemed to lose their minds. So having Bayley turn heel and add depth to a character that seemingly is not working on the main roster would be good. Bayley could catapult that into a bigger opportunity, and she surely could use it these days.


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