[Rumor] Big Blockbuster Trade To Happen During Draft On Raw

There are rumors that on Monday's edition of Raw, SmackDown and Raw might make a blockbuster trade to shake up the draft picks.

Whether it's because WWE.com accidentally posted the draft list in order on the website prior to Friday Night Smackdown or with the emphasis being placed on trying to make this WWE draft feel like an actual "sports draft", complete with a war room and scouts, WWE is looking to shake things up on tonight's show.

FOX Sports host Jay Glazer appeared during a segment on SmackDown and teased a "blockbuster trade" for the Draft on Friday. There is more buzz out there suggesting this will actually take place on tonight's edition of Raw.

Glazer said:

"One thing we can be on the lookout for would be a blockbuster trade. I don't know what's going to happen but I do know this - if one brand misses out on a must-have Superstar early, it doesn't mean they can't land them much later."

The negative response to the way the draft looked on Friday is something WWE is well aware of. All the extras in the war room that came off as cheesy and the botched listings for the selections, along with superstars who weren't even eligible to be drafted has not offered a good look to the proceedings so far. WWE wants to provide some additional entertainment value.

Trades Are Meant to Shake Things Up

WWE has reportedly put extra effort into preventing leaks for Monday's show and they may make a huge change. Could this mean someone like Seth Rollins gets drafted to SmackDown and then traded back to Raw? Could a tag team be split up and then put back together? The possibilities are endless when you consider a trade can right a wrong or provide additional drama.

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