[Rumor] Big Name Possibly Leaving AEW Over Booking Dispute

It might be too early to say he's leaving the company, but it appears one AEW star is not showing up to Wednesday's Dynamite and there's friction in the air between said star and the way AEW has booked him.

Joey Janela took to Twitter on Tuesday night (in a tweet that has since been deleted) and wrote:

"Didn't get on my flight for @AEWrestling Dynamite tonight, I'm not going.... Nothing was addressed about the way I was eliminated from the match last week, I'm losing all the steam I created on my own through 14 years of hard work, right these wrongs and answer the phone..."

You can see a screenshot of the tweet below:

While this could be a unique storyline AEW is trying, it doesn't appear that way. If so, why delete the post? Instead, it appears there's real heat between Janela and AEW as far as the way he's being booked.

Janela was not previously advertised for a match on tonight's Dynamite episode, so his not coming might not be a huge issue, but clearly he was meant to attend since he had a flight booked for him. And, for fans who have watched AEW lately, he hasn't been terribly relevant in their recent shows.

The First Sign Of AEW Contract Disputes?

To date, there's not much known about the structure of the way AEW is contracting the performers. There has been news that many of the wrestlers are full-time employees getting benefits from the company, but not all.

And, if there's a real issue here, not showing up for a contracted show is a big no-no in the wrestling business.

Is there more to this than people know? Is this the first sign of contract issues in the already short run AEW has had? No wrestling company is immune to this sort of thing but Janela is no small fish. If AEW lost him, it would sting.

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