[Rumor] Bray Wyatt Bringing WWE Female Superstar Into Firefly Funhouse

There is some speculation that Liv Morgan's absence from WWE might be leading to something big. That something is joining Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse family.

The rumors are surfacing thanks to a recent video where Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse can hear the laughter of a woman in the background. Many are theorizing that this woman's laugh might be that of Liv Morgan who has an very distinct laugh, one that's hard to miss. This accompanied with the fact Morgan has teased a massive change with some cryptic tweets has people wondering.

After the July 16 SmackDown Live - an episode that saw Morgan defeated by Charlotte Flair, Morgan grabbed the annoucers headset and spoke to the television crowd, saying, "When I come back, I'm gonna be real," she said. Not long after, Morgan posted a video in which strands of her pink hair were seen falling to the ground.

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Over the last few days, Morgan has tweeted, "A peek inside my mind ? You’ll cry" and "You can’t see my scars." What those tweets were supposed to mean no one knows but it's the kind of thing someone in the circle of Wyatt might say. Furthermore, with Wyatt wearing both "Hurt" and "Heal" gloves, could this finally be the time he heals someone? What a better way to leave fans with mixed feelings about his character.

A Huge Opportunity For Morgan

If there is anything to this rumor, this would be a huge opportunity for Liv Morgan. She's been under-utilized since being called up to the main roster. A stint alongside someone like Wyatt — easily the most popular character in WWE right now — would be giving Morgan the ball and seeing what she can do with it.

A lot of fans are probably hoping this is true because she's someone who has the "it" quality to really break out and be a major player.

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