Rumor: Gallows & Anderson To Leave WWE Following Twitter Update

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows could be on their way out of WWE. If you ask most fans in the WWE Universe who they believe is among the most underutilized of WWE Superstars, a major portion of that vote would go to the team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Two huge stars in Japan and founding members of the popular Bullet Club faction, Gallows and Anderson came to the WWE with great Internet hype and a massive underground following, only to be used as enhancement talent and repeatedly jobbed out to other tag teams in the WWE.

Often used to get laughs, WWE has completely ignored their history and reputation as one of the fiercest tag teams to come from outside WWE and this past Monday, on an episode of Raw, Gallows and Anderson (known often as the Good Brothers) were again used as comedy fodder when they were part of a Trick or Street Fight Halloween match.

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Dressed up as their characters from Southpaw Regional Wrestling (a fake wrestling promotion pushed on WWE's YouTube page), Gallows and Anderson lost to Heath Slater and Rhyno in a match most fans found unfunny and a waste of time on an otherwise strong episode of Raw. Following the match, the Internet was again buzzing that the writers should be better utilizing their talents. Those who defended the decision to place them in such a match declared that perhaps Gallows and Anderson were having some fun with the gimmicks, but this time something was different.

Bleedingcool.com reported that both Gallows and Anderson changed their social media accounts on Twitter immediately following the match, removing any reference to their status as WWE Superstars. While it could be a coincidence, it was the same move done by another recently departed WWE talent in Eva Marie.

Anderson’s bio used to reference the show he was featured on, reading: “WWE RAW Monday Nights on USA.. One of the last real cowboys left on the Planet.. Have 3 sons with a #HotAsianWife, but now reads, “One of the last real #Brothers left in the World. Have 3 sons with a #HotAsianWife.”"

What does all this mean? Is it a sign that Gallows and Anderson are tired and ready to move on? With a string of WWE releases recently, it's no wonder there is speculation. Or, is this just people overthinking a small change to a social media account?


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