[Rumor] Huge Main-Event WWE Star Going Back To NXT

If a recent report is true and the storyline of Kevin Owens being fired leads to where some think it will, Kevin Owens is apparently heading back to NXT.

The big storyline coming out of Tuesday's SmackDown Live episode was that Kevin Owens was fired after allegedly not helping Shane McMahon get past Chad Gable in his King of the Ring Semifinals match. McMahon was hoping Owens would "correctly" call the match in McMahon's favor but when Shane-O-Mac tapped out, Owens had no choice but to rule in Gable's favor (not that Owens minded all that much.). McMahon snapped, attacked Owens and fired him.

Owens took to Twitter after the show and posted a cryptic tweet that seems to indicate that he may be headed back to the WWE NXT brand. He simply wrote, "14-24-20".

For those that aren't aware, 14-24-20 are numbers that correspond to letters in the alphabet that read N-X-T. It would be an easy switch, saying Owens is no longer WWE main roster property after being fired and decided on his own accord to sign with the black and gold brand.

There was no clear indication if Owen's being fired means he was fired from Raw as well or just SmackDown, but it stands to reason his termination carries across both major WWE brands. NXT would be his next logical option.

This Is Huge For NXT

With NXT moving to the USA Network this next week, having some star power on the show to draw ratings would be a massive win for the show that will start airing live each Wednesday and eventually going up head-to-head with AEW.

And, Owens is not unfamiliar with the brand. He started there, had some huge feuds in the promotion before being called up to face John Cena as the NXT Champion.

Obviously, as more news becomes available, we'll have it here.

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