RUMOR: Is John Cena Finally Turning Heel?

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Could it be?!

There are ongoing concerns over John Cena and Roman Reigns' merchandise sales for WWE. Cena's sales are reportedly way down from what they were a year ago, according to Daily Wrestling News. Additionally, Roman Reigns still isn't quite connecting with fans the way WWE officials want. His merchandise sales are nowhere near where they need to be with him as the no.1 babyface thanks to Cena's current injury.

WWE is worried that Cena's longtime supporters are getting older and becoming less interested in his merchandise, and perhaps his character overall. It's the loudest secret in wrestling that Cena hasn't been turned heel due to being WWE's cash cow, especially with kids. A source speculated to DWN that this could lead to Cena turning heel, as many fans have wanted for years.

WWE Shop is currently overstocked on many of Cena's merchandise, which would support the notion that his sales are down. Cena is still WWE's top seller in merchandise, but not quite at the clip he once was.

Due to all this, WWE is desperately hoping that Reigns's push into WrestleMania gets him over. The feeling is there's nobody else on the roster as marketable as Cena in terms of potential merchandise. That can especially be true with Daniel Bryan's retirement.

Is it time for the WWE to turn their 38-year-old longtime babyface heel?

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