Rumor: Jeff Hardy To Get New But Familiar Gimmick When He Returns

When Jeff Hardy returns from his current injury it seems as if he will join his brother's Woken gimmick and once again become Brother Nero.

It has been almost a year since we the WWE Universe were treated to one of the greatest shock WrestleMania returns of all time. With three teams in the ring about to do battle for the Raw Tag Team Championships, the night's hosts The New Day interrupted to announce that a fourth team would be competing. That fourth team turned out to be The Hardy Boyz.

The reaction to their entry into the match was electric and Matt and Jeff wound up winning the bout and becoming champions on their first night back in WWE. A lot has changed in that short time though. Jeff Hardy is currently sitting on the sidelines with a torn rotator cuff while Matt has finally managed to bring his previously used Broken gimmick to WWE, one that has been aptly changed from Broken to Woken.


Both Matt Hardy and WWE creative are still trying to find their feet when it comes to making it a success under this bigger banner, but what about Jeff? The younger Hardy will return from injury at some point in the next couple of months and the spot he left alongside his brother no longer exists. Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live has speculated that he will reacquaint himself with the Broken Universe, reintroducing fans to his alter ego Brother Nero.

When Matt Hardy first became Broken in Impact Wrestling his first issue was with his brother and the two of them feuded with one another. Eventually though, they joined forces and Matt christened Jeff Brother Nero. What the Woken gimmick needs to be more successful in WWE is some of its supporting characters from Impact Wrestling and perhaps Jeff's return will begin that trend.


When Matt Hardy first became Woken in WWE, fans got excited. It seemed as if WWE were going to do right by it but a few weeks later it started to dwindle and now it has very much faded into the background. Something big needs to happen to bring Hardy back to the forefront of their programming and the return of Brother Nero may be exactly what it needs.

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Rumor: Jeff Hardy To Get New But Familiar Gimmick When He Returns