[Rumor] Jericho And AEW Make 3 Big Errors During Wednesday's Dynamite

During Wednesday's presentation of TNT Dynamite by AEW, rumors are circulating that the company and Chris Jericho made three glaring errors. Errors that are leading to questions around social media.

No wrestler is perfect and no show, especially one that is less than a few months old and airing live television shows for the first time, will get it bang on each and every time out. These issues apparently plagued AEW and Jericho on Wednesday.

The first was a simple botch wrestling move. During an altercation, you can see Jericho is supposed to take a powerslam from Cody and the move doesn't exactly go according to plan.

The goofy move isn't so much the issue because, since as many pointed out, Cody could still sell the fact his ribs were hurt from the Full Gear match on Saturday. Unfortunately, to correct for the botch, Jericho had Cody powerslam him properly only a few seconds later.

The second potential error comes out of a promo that was pure gold. MJF and Jericho had some back-and-forth in the ring that was among the most entertaining of any promo AEW has done to date. Say what you will about the fact Jericho and Kevin Owens had an almost identical moment about Roman Reigns in November of 2016 on WWE programming, it was still great.

The issue was, the promo left fans wondering if MJF and his new project Wardlow are actually part of the Inner Circle or not? Granted, this could be AEW teasing the idea that Jericho's faction has new members, but speculation is that was not the plan. There is rumored to be no desire by AEW to rush in new members of the Inner Circle and that the end of that promo wasn't supposed to indicate that Jericho had accepted his new friend as part of the group.

Finally, the biggest error is rumored to have come at the end of the show when Scorpio Sky rolled up Jericho for the 1-2-3 to end the show. Announcers during the broadcast warned that if the show ran over it's allotted time slot, they would finish airing the show on their YouTube Channel. To avoid having to do so, and in an effort to get the match in, they rushed the ending. What came of that was Jericho acting as if he was freaking out to go off the air.

Cowboy Sh-t Happens

As Adam Page said, that's some Cowboy Sh-t. When you put on a show as good as AEW did on Wednesday and promos run long or segments take more time than you'd expected, you run the risk to go over and have to adjust on the fly.

That's what seems to have happened to AEW. The good news is, all of these issues can be played off as if they were done on purpose. No harm, no foul.

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