Rumor: Major Concern Over AJ Styles' Health

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There is reportedly a lot of concern in WWE over AJ Styles' health. According to DailyWrestlingNews.com, the feeling among top WWE officials is that Styles may not be able to handle a full-time schedule.

Styles was pulled from live events this past weekend to rest before his match with Roman Reigns this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Styles confirmed this week that he has an ankle injury, but word is, he also has a nagging back injury. The Extreme Rules match between Styles and Reigns is expected to have intense spots, which would increase the risk of injury.

Since Styles has already been established as a top face, Vince McMahon is pushing for a possible replacement in case Styles' health can't hold up. This may lead to bringing Finn Balor up from NXT sooner than was expected.

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