Rumor: The Miz Will Win Back IC Title Next Week

Raw's 25th anniversary is currently so stacked with names from WWE's past that it's hard to imagine there will be time for any of the brand's current stars to even appear, much less have a match. Nevertheless one bout has already been booked for the show and it will feature The Miz getting his Intercontinental Title rematch against Roman Reigns.

Before The Awesome One left WWE for six weeks so that he could go and star in The Marine 6, he had to defend the IC Championship against The Big Dog. That of course resulted in him losing the much coveted title and since he had to leave for a movie set right away he hasn't had a chance to cash in his contractually obligated rematch, until now.

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The match will likely main event the marquee show and according to Cageside Seats it will be The A-Lister who walks out with the title. WWE only really needed Reigns to be Intercontinental Champion while Miz was away and now he's back it seems that he will be getting the title back. If that is the case it's hard to argue with considering how much The Miz has managed to elevate the long standing title.


If The Miz does win the Intercontinental Championship this coming Monday then it will mark the beginning of his eighth reign with the title. A pretty impressive feat for any wrestler and he is breathing rarefied air. There is only one man who has held the Intercontinental Title more times than The Miz, even without the landmark eighth reign, and that is Chris Jericho who has held the title nine times. Coincidentally he will also be at Raw's 25th anniversary show.

WWE likes doing what is best for business, and The Miz as Intercontinental Champion is definitely that. What's more is they can then begin the build to whatever they have planned for The Big Dog at WrestleMania 34, a build that will likely begin at the Royal Rumble six days later. That is expected to be a Universal Title match against Brock Lesnar but who knows, maybe they'll swerve us.


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