Rumor: New Potential Opponent For Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania?

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WWE Fastlane might be the pay-per-view prior to Wrestlemania, but the company wants to keep audiences fresh leading up to the biggest event of the year in sports entertainment. Brock Lesnar has been featured in a few WWE Network specials since last year. These events are basically televised house shows. The event on March 12th will be called March to Wrestlemania, and will feature Brock Lesnar in a match. According to PWInsider, and this is not concrete, but it looks to be that Luke Harper will be Brock’s opponent at the WWE Network Special. The only confirmed match, as of now, is Sheamus vs Roman Reigns according to the venue’s website.

Brock basically destroyed his opponents in the other events. At Beast in the East, he squashed Kofi Kingston and the rest of The New Day. The other show, Live from Madison Square Garden, Brock made light work of The Big Show. One thing to note, however, is that if Brock does do battle with Luke Harper, it is a good sign that Brock will take on Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania. This seems to be a good assumption based on the events that transpired at the Royal Rumble. It is easy to predict that one of two things will happen, either it will be another squash match, or the entire Wyatt Family will come out to beat down Brock. It is also possible that both will happen. This is certainly subject to change, but it provides a good inside to would could possibly happen at Wrestlemania.

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