[Rumor] Next Four Opponents For The Fiend Already Chosen

According to Dave Meltzer, WWE might already have Bray Wyatt's next three or four opponents lined up as Vince builds The Fiend toward WrestleMania.

These days, it often feels like WWE is throwing ideas against a wall to see what sticks. Opponents and feuds seem to come out of nowhere and you never know, with wrestlers changing brands, who will face who in the coming weeks and months. In the case of The Fiend, things may be a bit different.

Dave Meltzer remarked on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is building Wyatt up for a future opponent. While speculating as to who that might be, he detailed the path WWE might be taking to get to that point.

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Saying the buildup might end when The Fiend takes on either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36, Wyatt will first go through Daniel Bryan and The Miz — Bryan is already confirmed to face The Fiend at Survivor Series.

As Wyatt handily walks through both Bryan and The Miz, the question about which order he wrestles either Reigns or Lesnar will take shape. Meltzer does admit that Lesnar being on a different brand could pose a problem, but then again, within a month and considering how Lesnar seems to go wherever he chooses, that might not be an issue. Meltzer says, “Brock is stuck with Paul [Heyman] and because of Brock, Paul and Vince [McMahon] it is always planned out in advance." Meltzer notes that means Lesnar's future might start forming immediately following Survivor Series.

Not Sure We Agree Here Meltzer

While we understand WWE might be building up Wyatt to meet a future opponent worthy of knocking him off his mantle, we don't see either Reigns or Lesnar as that guy. Our prediction is Lesnar will be paired up for a rematch with Cain Velasquez.

What we do agree with is that both Daniel Bryan and The Miz will be stepping stones for The Fiend on the way to something much bigger. Braun Strowman maybe? He is due and with the right build, it's believable Strowman could win.

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