[Rumor] Popular Talk Show Host To Join WWE Maria Baby Storyline

In an idea that is either completely cringe-worthy or vastly entertaining, there has been speculation WWE might bring in a popular daytime talk show host as part of the Maria Kanellis paternity storyline.

Yes, rumors are that WWE is pitching the idea that Maury Povich might be brought in to Monday Night Raw and the company on a segment or short-term storyline idea in an attempt to answer the question, 'Who is the baby-daddy of Maria Kanellis' child?'

The pitch stems from some interaction between WWE and The Maury Povich show, clearly showing that both sides are interested in pursuing something more than just back-and-forth banter on social media.

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A storyline right out of a Maury show — famous for hosting paternity tests and watching the drama unfold as mother's prove denying dad's are the father or freaking out when it's revealed who they assumed was, wasn't — it makes complete sense WWE would tag Maury's show in a Twitter post. When the show responded, the idea of working together was probably born.

Maury Povich's show responded with a simple tweet, "I've got two words for you...Paternity Test. @WWE @RusevBUL @MariaLKanellis @RealMikeBennett #Raw #Maury22." This was either prompted by WWE or the show is a huge fan because they tagged all the Superstars involved in the storyline, made a subtle reference to DX and their timing is impeccable.

That the Maury Povich show shoots close to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut makes this idea even more possible as it wouldn't take a whole lot to film a segment that could air on Raw this or next week.

WWE Would Go Total Maury Would They?

This is the kind of idea the reminds us of the Attitude Era days. Already an angle WWE doesn't run with too often any longer, this is out of the norm for what fans have been used to seeing in the past few years. But, if you're WWE and you're going to have an angle where you don't know who the father is of an unborn child, why not use Maury?

There's no bigger name associated to this kind of low-brow drama than Mr. Povich.

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