[Rumor] Report Suggests Ric Flair Looking At Appearing For AEW?

A recent report suggests that Ric Flair might make the jump to AEW once his contract expires in WWE, which is right away.

By now, the general wrestling public is aware of the pending legal war brewing between Ric Flair and WWE. Flair believes the wrestling company owes him royalties for the use of the phrase “The Man”. WWE believes Flair has no right to the name. The situation is said to have gotten so ugly it has caused a rift between the 16-time World Champion and his daughter, current WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair.

When asked about Ric Flair’s future within WWE, Dave Meltzer noted things have potentially gotten so bad, Flair is prepared to use the ending of his current WWE contract as leverage against the company. On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer notes that the two-time WWE Hall of Famer’s current legends deal is set to expire at the end of the year. This may mean a jump to AEW if Flair doesn’t get what he wants.

“Who knows what Ric Flair’s relationship is going to be like in January next year. I think Ric’s contract with WWE is up at the end of the year, so.”

The question then becomes, ‘Is Flair that upset with WWE that he would risk his legacy jumping to a rival promotion out of spite?’

Flair Is Betting On Himself

If this report is true, Flair seems set to go “all in” on the gamble that WWE still wants him around. He willing to bet WWE won’t run the risk he shows up for AEW and the company loses a legend to a rival promotion. There is no word on whether or not AEW even wants Flair but one has to assume that adding him to the TNT program on Wednesday night’s would be a large f’u to WWE.

This is definitely a situation worth keeping an eye on. With Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard already a part of AEW, Flair certainly has friends on the other side.

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