[Rumor] Roman Reigns To Win Intercontinental Title On Friday's SmackDown

Considering the win/loss record in matches like this and SmackDown's affinity for adding shocking storylines, it appears Reigns is set for a big win.

WWE just announced that Roman Reigns will be taking on Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship on Friday's edition of Friday Night SmackDown. And, if history tells us anything, Nakamura's chances of walking out with the title are slim at best.

With lower ratings on the last episode of Fox's new show, WWE is looking for a way to boost the numbers back up for Fox. Reigns was a big attraction the execs from Fox wanted on the show and promoting a match where the odds are in the favor of a new titleholder being crowned is a good short-term way to boost viewers for a show WWE doesn't want to let get off the rails.

With Brock Lesnar currently entangled in a storyline with Cain Velasquez, the WWE Championship is not within Reigns' reach at this time, so the next-best step is to give him the IC Title and put the ball in his hands to see if he can run with it and get those numbers back up.

For Nakamura, he's in the wrong time and the wrong place with WWE scrambling a bit.

Will Reigns As Champ Work?

The question is, will promoting this match and likely giving the title to Reigns be enough to see numbers bounce back? WWE needs to show well off the heels of a terribly-delivered WWE Draft and this is likely the closest thing they can do to go back to something that worked.

It's also interesting to note that this is the first major decision by Bruce Prichard who is now the Executive Director for the show, having taken over for Eric Bischoff. Is this Prichard putting his stamp on the new position?

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