[Rumor] Tyson Fury To Leave Boxing For WWE Thanks To Huge Offer

Speculation is that boxer Tyson Fury is making big bucks for his WWE match versus Braun Strowman. Further speculation is that he might come to WWE on a more permanent basis thanks to the money being placed on the table.

Essentially, rumors are that Fury is making so much money from WWE, he may actually leave — or at least delay future boxing bouts — to join WWE on a more regular basis. The latest story comes from Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail, who writes that Fury will receive a whopping $15 million (£11.9m) for his upcoming match with Strowman at WWE's Crown Jewel event on October 31, 2019. Further to that, Fury may make an additional $20 million to wrestle again later in 2020. That's enough money that Fury has given serious thought to making the jump to wrestling.

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Some reporters are claiming this number isn't accurate but Powell's report cites Fury's own comments that he's considering future matches in WWE and he has a history of delaying boxing bouts or push his schedule when big money becomes available. Fury called himself a gypsy, willing to go wherever someone pays him to fight.

Fury is next set to fight Deontay Wilder on February 22, 2020. But when asked if he had future plans that included wrestling with WWE, Fury replied: ‘There’s a hell of a chance of that.’

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So Where Does Fury Go Next?

Fury then added, "‘Who knows what lies beneath? Maybe Velasquez, maybe Lesnar." And, the report notes that Fury himself has taken to WWE training quite seriously, often heading over to The Performance Center in Orlando to train. Fury said, "Wilder is the biggest fight in boxing but I’m not thinking about that now. I’m just enjoying my life – and concentrating on WWE."

If his dismissal of his future boxing bouts isn't enough, Fury is also an avid WWE fan who has an eldest son who is an avid follower. Saying that training for WWE is the most taxing thing he's ever done, he's got a huge appreciation for what's going into being involved and is full engrossed in the business.

And, at the same time, he doesn't actually have to risk getting punched in the face for real.

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