[Rumor] Vince McMahon Unintentionally Gives AEW Next Big PPV Name

If reports of AEW applying for a trademark for an upcoming pay-per-view are true, it’s ironic WWE may have accidentally given them the idea.

It wasn’t long ago Vince McMahon was part of a corporate shareholder call where he described the emergence of AEW as something WWE wasn’t terribly worried about. The reason was that Vince viewed AEW as a very niche wrestling company that appealed only to a certain demographic. He called AEW a “bloods and guts” company instead of actually using the company by name. Quickly afterward, Cody made a video sarcastically thanking Vince for using the term to describe AEW because it truly defined who they were — a company that is growing because they’re giving everything they have to it succeeding. Cody said the talent and executives at AEW were giving their blood and guts to provide wrestling fans with an alternative.

It appears AEW is doubling down on the point by filing for a trademark that will see them name a future PPV, AEW: Blood and Guts.

The filing of the trademark reads as follows:

"The mark consists of the stylized wording "ALL ELITE AEW WRESTLING" where "AEW" is housed inside a rectangular border, the words "ALL ELITE" are superimposed on the top of the border, and the word "WRESTLING" is superimposed at the bottom of the border. Below the stylized wording is the term BLOOD AND GUTS in larger font, with the word BLOOD at the top, the word AND in the middle of a line and the word GUTS at the bottom."

Way to Go Vince

There’s an argument AEW is too concerned with what WWE does and says, but in this case, this was a smart move by AEW. Cody Rhodes has also trademarked "The Match Beyond" which is another term for WarGames. Cody was publicly unhappy WWE used the name.

As for Blood and Guts, the name is catchy and it has sting that Vince gave them the idea.

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