[Rumor] What WWE Has Planned For NXT vs Raw And SmackDown Storyline

After NXT invaded SmackDown on Friday, there are questions about whether or not this was a one-time deal or what's next in the storyline that saw WWE's newest brand takeover on Fox.

If not for the fact NXT will be a part of Survivor Series, the roster of NXT filling in for the stranded stars of Raw and SmackDown in Saudi Arabia, Friday's show might have been a one-night only attraction. But, because the ratings for SmackDown have come in and shown positive results and because NXT is being heavily pushed as part of this year's Survivor Series PPV, the expectation is that we might see more of these invasion types segments leading up to on November 24, 2019.

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Current Raw and SmackDown Superstars have landed back in the U.S., seen what went down and responded, teasing more confrontation between the brands. Big E took to Twitter and suggested the roster won't be anything up against The Fiend. Dana Brooke said she was coming after Bianca Belair while Sasha Banks warned Triple H she was coming to collect. Ricochet said, "Y’all come on out to ! Myself, along with a whole group of guys and gals will be waiting."

While some of this is all in good fun, some of it is suggesting there's more to come in this story and that as early as Wednesday, some of the SmackDown roster might show up in NXT. Will they be joined by Raw stars who might get a taste of some of what SmackDown received this Monday? If NXT invades the red brand, one would have to think so.

Survivor Series Only A Few Weeks Away

WWE might have been forced to move on this idea a little early thanks to the travel issues in Saudi, but the expectation was that this was some of the type of drama fans would have seen leading up to the pay-per-view anyways. With the ratings so good, expect WWE to work it in a lot more often.

And with extra time now before the PPV, WWE may sprinkle it in a bit more sparingly on a number of shows over the next few weeks.

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