Rumors Of A Women's Royal Rumble Begin To Circulate

More rumors hint towards another first for the women of WWE, and this time it's a Royal Rumble match being discussed.

The women of WWE are currently knocking down firsts like they were dominoes. Sasha Banks and Bayley were the first to headline an NXT Takeover back in 2015, then Banks and Charlotte closed Hell In A Cell a year later, and recently, we bore witness to the first–and second, a week later–women's Money in the Bank match. Now another first for WWE's females appears to be in the offing, a women's Royal Rumble match.

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It's not the first time something of this magnitude was reportedly discussed by WWE, and there have been rumors in the past of an all female Royal Rumble in the past as well. Both Bayley and Becky Lynch have commented on the potential of this match taking place at various times, the latter of the two thinks that while it's inevitable it was still likely to be a year or two away. Well if the latest rumblings are true The Lass Kicker may not have to wait as long as she originally thought to start tossing her fellow females over the top rope.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter was the first to start reporting that talks of a women's Royal Rumble had started up again backstage at WWE. They were quick to point out, however, that it's far from confirmed. As of right now, it is simply an idea being discussed among the powers that be at the company. Considering the success that they've had with other female firsts over the course of the last two years or so, it's hard to see a reason why they wouldn't push forward with the idea.

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This coming January seems like as good an opportunity as ever to stage a Royal Rumble featuring the women of WWE. Not only do Raw, SmackDown Live, and NXT all have thriving women's rosters, but this summer 32 females will be competing under WWE's banner as a part of the inaugural Mae Young Classic. While not all of the women will be signed to contracts following its climax, it's safe to assume that the women's roster will be a lot bigger once the dust settles from the classic than it is right now. There will certainly be 30 women under contract with WWE, so enough to fill a Rumble.


Again these are merely rumors. If a women's Royal Rumble is on the cards, it is currently in the very early planning stages. A lot of female firsts are happening at the moment and as exciting as Royal Rumbles are, WWE doesn't want to burn out interest in the female side of things by doing too much too fast. Excitement is high at the moment with the Mae Young Classic approaching fast, and there will likely be no more news on a female Rumble until that tournament is over.

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