RUMOR: WWE Reviving Live Event For Overseas Pay-Per-View

WWE is considering bringing Global Warning back to Australia after a 15-year hiatus, but this time it will be a pay per view.

WWE is a globally recognized brand. Vince McMahon is showing no signs of slowing down either and want to conquer the far reaches of the planet that they don't yet have a stranglehold on such as India and China. Those two countries are of particular interest to WWE just based on the sheer amount of people who live there.


One part of the world WWE has already conquered is Australia. The company tours Down Under pretty often, even NXT paid the country a visit in 2016. It has been a long time since WWE has held a significant show in Oz though. You have to go all the way back to 2002 when they staged the Global Warning Tour. The show took place in Melbourne and drew a crowd of over 56,000 fans.

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You would think with drawing power like that WWE would have been back for a show that big long before now. Well, they haven't, but apparently, a plan to do so is in the pipeline. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet WWE may be looking to hold a pay-per-view in Australia in 2018. Early indications suggest that it will once again be called Global Warning, but this time could be held in a cricket stadium with a capacity of up to 100,000 people.

The original Global Warning Tour in 2002 was just a live event. It wasn't broadcast on pay-per-view but was later released on home video. The reason it drew such a high attendance was likely because it was the first time WWE visited Australia in 16 years. Funnily enough, if Global Warning does happen next year it will have been a further 16 years since the landmark event took place.


The sheer reach of WWE is pretty incredible, but if they want to become even bigger then steps like this have to be taken. Travel and time difference often put WWE off the idea of holding pay-per-views overseas. It's likely why a major show hasn't returned to the UK since SummerSlam in 1992. Global Warning taking place in Australia next year would be a big step forward for the company and may even start the ball rolling on a WrestleMania taking place outside of North America for the first time ever sometime in the future.

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