Rumor: WWE Inducting Jeff Jarrett To Hall Of Fame

A recent report suggests Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE's Hall of Fame may not be something of physical being like the Baseball and NFL Hall of Fame, but it is something fans respect and love to talk about. The best WWE Superstars in history are part of it, but the problem is, even the remarkable ones sometimes don't get in.

Sometimes it is for political reasons, such as an issue with Vince McMahon or a speaking out about the company in a negative way. Other times, such as in the case of Chyna, it is due to the work you're in or have been in.

Then you have people like Jeff Jarrett, who was not exactly hated by his co-workers in WWE and made a huge mark on both WCW and WWE. As far as impact goes, Jarrett certainly had it. Yet, for many years, it was widely assumed Jarrett would never be allowed back in WWE. So you could see how it would be surprising to even assume he could be part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Yet, according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, it appears to be the case. He spoke about it


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"There are guys inside of WWE that have come to me and said that they have heard that Jeff Jarrett is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. While I have no idea that this is the case or not but there certainly seems to be some smoke floating around. Whether there is fire to that smoke, I don’t know."

Johnson would later say that he could not confirm nor deny that Jarrett was going in, but wanted to put the rumor out there.

When WWE bought WCW in 2001, Jarrett was used as an example on TV about people McMahon could bring back to his company. But it was pretty much obvious by the way he was used then that WWE had no interest in allowing Double J back in his corporation. However, Vince has been known to bring back some of the worst offenders that left WWE in a big way.

Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart are two of the biggest examples of this. He even accepted Sable back after she had tried suing WWE. That is not even discussing Hulk Hogan and the fact that he was allowed back before and likely will be allowed back again. So how did we get to Jeff Jarrett being allowed to go into the Hall of Fame?


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Jarrett was removed from Impact Wrestling last year due to what seemed to be alcohol abuse. He was becoming a huge problem for the company, and they had no choice but to remove him. Karen Jarrett seemed to be big on the idea of Jeff going to rehab to clean up his act, and stop his alcoholic ways. Who knows what else could have been going on as well. So Jarrett took WWE up on this offer for rehab and is now clean.

While this may not be how we got all the way to him getting into the WWE Hall of Fame, it likely was a way to open up talks with the company. Plus, Jarrett does make sense for this honor, and it is a good year. WWE is in the south this year, New Orleans, in fact. They may not ever go to Tennessee for WrestleMania, so this is likely the best place to induct him. As far as being worthy, Jarrett certainly is.

Jarrett is a former WWE European and Tag Team Champion, as well as a six-time WWE Intercontinental Champion. His WCW time is also notable, where he was a three-time WCW United States Champion and four-time World Heavyweight Champion. Numbers certainly Hall of Fame worthy.


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