[Rumor] WWE Plans For Rollins Vs The Fiend At Hell in a Cell [Video]

WWE may be hinting at a direction they plan to go with Seth Rollins versus The Fiend at Hell in a Cell, thanks to live event matches between the two.

We are aware that live event matches in WWE are not always an indicator of what to expect on television or PPV's. That said, live events are often the place where WWE tests out booking ideas to see how they'll go over with a live crowd. If something works well for a live non-televised audience, it often indicates the potential to see those ideas carried over for the rest of the WWE Universe.

WWE is currently traveling through Western Canada with stops in Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB. The main events for those shows are Rollins vs The Fiend and the matches (so far) have taken an interesting direction.

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** Spoilers ahead: if you believe we're right that live events mean something you may not want to read on or watch the video.

A video was posted from Calgary's event where Rollins had the upper hand in the match, only to see Wyatt no-sell the Stomp finisher. This is a first for any Superstar as The Fiend simply brushed it off and stood right back up. He put the Mandible Claw on Rollins, only to see Rollins gain the advantage back, deliver a number of additional Stomps, see Wyatt no-sell those as well and deliver more and more, thinking he'd finally finished off The Fiend.

It didn't work. The Fiend simply grabbed Rollins by the throat, put another Mandible Claw on him and the lights went dark with the eerie sound that accompanies The Fiend's finisher.

The Fiend To Win The Universal Title?

The official decision in their live event match was a disqualification which saw Rollins get the win. If that were possible at the pay-per-view, Rollins will walk away from Hell in a Cell the champion. That said, their Hell in a Cell match won't have a DQ option so WWE will have to come up with another finish.

But, the key here is that The Fiend is actively no-selling the Stomp and that's big news.

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