Rumor: WWE Refused To Release Neville

It would seem that the rumors of Neville being completely done with the WWE have been grossly exaggerated. While nothing remains sure regarding the King of the Cruiserweights' status as an active performer, the latest reports suggest that Neville may soon be returning to WWE television and resuming his quest to become a three-time Cruiserweight Champion, albeit begrudgingly.

In a brief update on Neville’s contract situation, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer wrote on Tuesday that WWE is in talks with Neville in hopes that the 31-year-old former NXT and Cruiserweight Champion will make his return to the ring. Apparently, Neville had some "outside plans" that had to be put on hold because WWE refused to grant his request to be released from his contract.


If Neville does return, this will mark his first time on WWE television since solidifying his face turn last month in an angle featuring reigning Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. Previous rumors had suggested that Neville walked out of Monday Night Raw taping last month because he had refused to lose to Amore, but more recent reports had clarified that Neville was more frustrated with his creative direction and that he and Amore actually got along well outside the ring.

Meltzer’s new report adds to the growing number of rumors suggesting that Neville might not be on his way out of the WWE after all. On Monday, PWInsider wrote that talks between Neville and the WWE have gone well enough for him to be expected back on TV before the end of November. Some sources were expecting him to be back as soon as this week, and while Neville was nowhere to be seen on last night’s Monday Night Raw, there’s still the outside chance of him appearing Tuesday on 205 Live.

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Formerly known in the independent wrestling scene as PAC, Neville was a much-coveted signing by WWE. He joined the WWE in the summer of 2012 and made his NXT debut in January 2013. Despite his success in NXT, Neville's first few years on the main roster were very up-and-down, and many had felt that he had finally found success upon turning heel and joining the Cruiserweight Division late last year. Yet that didn't seem to be enough for the British high-flyer who was widely rumored to be upset at being pigeonholed as a cruiserweight in the days that followed his walkout.

There has been a plethora of conflicting reports regarding Neville and his relationship with the WWE with many coming from reputable sources. But it's good to know that his chances of returning to the WWE seem to be going up with each passing day, as it would be a waste to see such a talented wrestler walk away from the WWE so soon.

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