[Rumor] WWE Taking New Approach To Monday Night Raw And PG Era

It appears WWE is taking a slightly different approach to their product on Monday nights and it will be interesting to see if it pays off.

It's public knowledge WWE is a PG product these days because it wants to appeal to families and cater to kids — a segment of wrestling fans who have money to spend on merchandise. Fans who watched Raw on Monday saw WWE push the envelope when it comes to how family-oriented they plan to stay.

In the opening segment of the show, Kevin Owens was called out by Seth Rollins and while Rollins tried to "apologize", Owens wasn't having it, saying he smelled Rollin's bullsh-t. It was clearly a calculated decision by WWE to use the cuss word in the opening segment of the show. And, with WWE heavily pushing a Lana and Bobby Lashley affair storyline equipped with restraining orders and Drew McIntyre calling Randy Orton out for his social media habits, is WWE seemingly ready to cater to a different audience?

This is not the first time WWE has tried this. Back when Braun Strowman was feuding with Lashley and both went through the stage, Corey Graves was clearly heard saying "holy sh-t". WWE didn't seem to follow through with any more of that, but are they ready again to try something else?

This Is A Reactionary Move

If WWE is going non-PG, some fans will be happy, but long-term, this seems like a mistake. Likely a reactionary move to AEW being more adult-friendly, there's not really a reason for WWE to start throwing in language and topics parents will find questionable. But, because these moments seem to get a lot of reaction on social media, perhaps WWE feels the payoff is worth breaking a few of their own rules.

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