RUMOR: WWE Bringing Back Wyatt Compound For Bray v Hardy

WWE may be considering reintroducing fans to the Wyatt compound by having Woken Matt Hardy battle The Eater Of Worlds there.

Last week on Raw, WWE made it very clear that they fully intend to let Matt Hardy have free reign with his Woken character and that he will more or less be left to his own devices when it comes to the creative behind it. The newly Woken version of Hardy interrupted a Bray Wyatt promo in order to reveal to the WWE Universe that the soul that lives inside his vessel has indeed returned.

Although many WWE fans wouldn't have seen this side of Matt Hardy's persona before last week, the beginnings of it seem to have been a big hit. Matt's Broken Brilliance first appeared on TNA television last year and garnered more attention than anything else the promotion had been a part of for years. Now, the WWE version of the gimmick is already gaining traction and Hardy and Wyatt's promo on Raw has already had over two million hits on YouTube, more than any other segment from last week's show.


Rumors are already starting to circulate as to what WWE may have planned for the pairing, and according to Cageside Seats, we could see a return to The Wyatt Compound. Ironically Bray's fictional home was used in retaliation to The Hardy Boyz staging matches at their own compound. How fitting it would be if these rumors turn out to be true and Hardy does a pay a visit to The Eater Of World's humble abode.

Since last week was probably the first time that Vince McMahon got a taste of what Woken Matt Hardy is all about, it's understandable that fans are still skeptical as to whether he'll let the veteran tag wrestler run with the idea. Apparently, though the boss was a huge fan of the segment and will continue to let Hardy's creative juices flow when it comes to the Woken storyline.


As always with WWE's portrayal of Woken Matt Hardy, they have to be sure not to take away what made the gimmick so good in TNA. The production level was poor and the whole thing was pretty tacky and that's what made it so great. If the company insists on upping the production value, that may very well take away from the whole aesthetic of the angle which would be a real shame.

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