[Rumor] Wyatt To Give Daniel Bryan New But Old Look [Photo]

At the close of Friday's SmackDown, The Fiend pulled Daniel Bryan under the ring and bundles of hair returned. Is this a sign Bryan is changing? More specifically, that he's going to a look old Ring of Honor fans might know well?

The theme to yesterday's show was that The Fiend changes people. Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and others were not the same once they'd faced him and that if Daniel Bryan were to go through with a rematch, he'd change too. It appears, that change has already started.

When Bryan was pulled under the ring and bundles of hair were being pulled up by The Fiend, the announcers asked what the hell was going on. The answer might be that Bryan is altering his look in a major way.

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Speculation is that when Bryan returns, he won't have the long hair he went under the ring with, but might come back looking like he did in his ROH days.

There hasn't been a match announced for TLC between these two yet but many are wondering if Bryan will quickly return with his new look or if WWE will drag this out. We're also wondering if this is what Wyatt meant when he said a new face would be joining the Firefly Funhouse?

WWE had teased someone new but didn't really deliver. That said, Bryan was gotten inside Wyatt's inner circle before and maybe this time, Wyatt is bringing Bryan in.

A Bald Bryan?

Bryan always seems willing to go the extra mile for a storyline or do things other won't. Shaving his head and possibly his beard to continue this program would be a big ask, but if anyone were willing to do so, our money would be on Bryan.

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