12 Rumored Names That Vince McMahon Might Bring To The WWE (And 13 That Triple H Might Bring To NXT)

The WWE has one of the most stacked and talented rosters in wrestling history (even if they don’t know how to use half of it correctly). With another round of roster cuts no doubt around the corner, we need to look to the future to see which performers could be on WWE’s payroll soon, or rather, who the two heads of WWE, Triple H and Vince McMahon would like to be on a WWE roster. The world of wrestling is constantly changing, and one of these two guys is keeping up with the change; in fact, some would say he’s even getting ahead of it now with the success that NXT has seen. What makes a superstar is always evolving, and to be honest, we’d love to see most of these performers in WWE, because they all bring something special and unique to the table.

Sure, a lot of these may not even happen, but on our site, we like to dive headfirst into the hypothetical, and today, we are going to do exactly that, as we look at 12 names that Vince McMahon would love to bring to the WWE, and 13 that Triple H would love to bring to NXT, whether it be independent stars, athletes or even former WWE employees.

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25 Triple H – Jay Lethal

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Jay Lethal has been one of the best wrestlers on the planet for quite some time now, and he has the ability to play either a loveable good guy or a hated bad guy, and that’s something that’s always needed in WWE, and now that he’s hitting the prime of his career, it’s about time he joined the WWE so he could rise to the top like he’s proven that he truly deserves. Lethal has no doubt been on WWE’s radar for a number of years now, because he turns in fantastic performance after fantastic performance all the time.

With so many former ROH stars in WWE, he would have plenty of people to vouch for his ability, and with so many great potential opponents in NXT, it needs to happen now.

Triple H has done a lot with people half as talented as Lethal, and if given free reign to be the performer he’s been since joining Ring of Honor (hopefully as a heel though, that’s where he truly excels on the main event level), he’d be the NXT Champion in no time, and we believe this is something that will happen in the very near future.

24 Vince – John Morrison

John Morrison was with the WWE for quite some time before his exit in the early 2010’s, but during his time, he was labeled as a future World Champion in the WWE, but for some reason, that potential was never fully reached, and after some years perfecting his craft with the likes of Lucha Underground, Impact and other smaller promotions, it’s time for The Shaman of Sexy to return to the WWE and finally fulfill all that promise.

He’s still got the athleticism and the chiseled good looks that Vince McMahon wants in a top guy, and while we know he probably won’t ever be THE guy in WWE, he could be a World Champion yet.

He’s recently expressed an interest in working for New Japan, as he even contacted them about working together, so it may not be for a while yet, but Morrison is going to return to the company that made him a star one day, and that’s something that we could definitely see Vince McMahon pushing for, as there are plenty of fresh, exciting programs for him to have.

23 Triple H – Chelsea Green

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All three of WWE’s Women’s divisions are currently fantastic, but surprisingly it's NXT that lacks the most depth, and with Io Shirai signing with the WWE, it’s clearly improving. One way to help that further is bring in more women for the second ever Mae Young Classic, and one that makes complete sense is Chelsea Green, or as some know her, Laurel Van Ness of Impact Wrestling fame. Green is one of the most over the top and talented performers in the world of professional wrestling today.

She competed in WWE once during the revival of Tough Enough, and with WWE needing women for the MYC, she is the perfect big name to bring in and draw a wider audience to the show.

Sure, Green isn’t as polished in the ring as someone like Io Shirai or Toni Storm, but she is gorgeous, has potential as an in ring performer and is a really interesting character, and there have been rumors as of late that WWE are interested in bringing her in, and if they do, she’ll no doubt become a star in the company in the not too distant future.

22 Vince – Batista

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Batista will go down as one of the Ruthless Aggression Era’s greatest performers, and now that he’s moved on to Hollywood, he’ll likely be regarded as one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever produced, but we all feel like there is some unfinished business in the WWE, and Vince McMahon would no doubt love to have one of his favorites, The Animal return for one last big run. He has talked about this too, and he’d love that retirement run to be against one of his best friends and best opponents, Triple H.

Given how much Batista gave to the WWE over his career, there’s no doubting that Vince and the WWE would love to have him back, so this one seems only a matter of when, not if The Animal returns.

When he does come back, we’d love to see him battle the likes of Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and all of this generations top talent, but he’s a busy man in Hollywood, so seeing him back for any action would make us happy, and it’s something that Vince McMahon needs to make happen in the near future, and he likely will.

21 Triple H – Travis Banks

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Travis Banks is preparing to compete in the second ever WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament (despite being from New Zealand), and the current Progress Wrestling Champion is no doubt ready to impress the world, but being that he’s a Kiwi, he’s better suited to joining NXT full-time, because the Kiwi Buzzsaw is one of the most well-rounded performers in wrestling today, and he’s ready to step up with the likes of Ricochet, Adam Cole and Aleister Black.

As Drew Gulak is in the tournament as well, we truly have no idea what this means for the UK Championship or the forever rumored WWE UK network show, but we now know for certain that Banks is on the WWE’s radar, and if the WWE can do a good job of fleshing out his character, he would no doubt be a future NXT Champion. Banks may not have a unique look or an over the top personality, but he can adapt in the ring and have any type of match imaginable, and with so many different opponents waiting down in NXT, he is one superstar that we think Triple H and the WWE should bring in immediately.

20 Vince – Ryback

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Ryback was your prototypical Vince McMahon guy during his run with the WWE, but he got over with the majority of the WWE audience throughout his time, even at one point being one of the most popular guys in the company, but he was unfortunately very unhappy with the pay that he was receiving, and he walked away, and although Vince probably doesn’t want to pay him like he does Brock Lesnar or any main event talent, he is one superstar that he’d definitely love to have back.

Over the years, Ryback definitely improved in the ring, but he just wasn’t up to the main event standard, and with both the IC and US title divisions needing depth in the WWE, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Vince gave Ryback another chance, but after all the opportunities he received last time, that’s probably unlikely. Since then, the WWE and all of wrestling have produced plenty more talented guys than Ryback, some even bigger and more muscular, so there’s really no need for The Big Guy in wrestling at all, but hey, just because no one in the world wants it, doesn’t mean it’s going to stop Vince from going through with it.

19 Triple H – Toni Storm

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The WWE, through Triple H and NXT have begun a whole new era of women’s wrestling, and they’ve brought in big independent stars like Asuka, Kairi Sane, Ember Moon and Nixon Newell, as well as the biggest name of them all, Ronda Rousey, and the next in that line is Toni Storm, who was a semi-finalist in the first ever Mae Young Classic in 2017.

Storm is originally from Australia, but has made her name all over the world from Progress in the UK to Stardom in Japan.

It’s being reported that she may have signed to work the UK show when it gets off the ground, but that’s not good enough, as Storm needs to be in NXT proper, as she could be the best female competitor that NXT has ever seen (and that includes Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Asuka). Either way, it’s likely that Storm will be a big star in WWE no matter how and when she’s brought in, but with Shayna Baszler running roughshod over the brand right now, we’d love to see the quirky, unique Storm come in immediately and take her crown, so she can lead this young division successfully into the future.

18 Vince – Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is easily the greatest luchador to ever perform inside the squared circle, and he spent the majority of that career inside a WWE ring, and despite the fact that he doesn’t want to return on a full-time contract, he still holds the company very dear to his heart, and he and Vince McMahon will no doubt want to come together for one last, long run before his iconic career comes to an end. We’ve seen him return twice this year, and he’s also suggested bringing back the Latino World Order with him as the head (alongside the likes of Andrade “Cien” Almas, Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado), so there is plenty of material there for a final run if the two sides can come to terms.

With the amount of merchandise that the master of the 619 moves every time he is with the company, McMahon would no doubt be thrilled to have him back. Seeing Rey battle newcomers like Almas, Nakamura, Styles, Black and Cole would be incredible too, so this final run could end up being over a year long, but either way, it’s best for both sides if they come together one final time.

17 Triple H – Matt Riddle

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Matt Riddle is one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today, and he has everything that would make him a superstar in the WWE. Even if he doesn’t want to sign with a company anytime soon due to the more relaxed schedule and freedom that he currently enjoys, it doesn’t mean that the WWE won’t be after him, because he has the potential to be a World Champion in the WWE one day.

Riddle came from the UFC where he was a once dominant force, and he’s picked up on professional wrestling quite quickly.

With plenty of incredible matches under his belt all over the world, he’d be a perfect fit for NXT, and it would allow us to see him battle the likes of Adam Cole, Ricochet, Aleister Black Lars Sullivan and more, all of which would be incredible, so we hope to see it happen soon. It’s unlikely, because Riddle is enjoying performing for the likes of Evolve, Progress and PWG, and with so much talent in NXT, it may not be the ideal time to bring him in, but sometime over the next couple of years, we NEED to see The King of Bros in the WWE, for his sake and for ours.

16 Vince – Abyss

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The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak is one of the greatest things to ever happen in professional wrestling, and everyone from Wade Barrett to Randy Orton to Kurt Angle were rumored to be the one to end it before it was ultimately Brock Lesnar, but one of the weirdest names to be suggested is The Monster Abyss, but given how highly he was regarded in all of professional wrestling at the time, it isn’t too surprising, and there’s no doubt that Vince would still love to bring him in today.

During his prime, Abyss was just as good as the likes of ‘Taker and Kane, and some of his best hardcore matches rank up there as some of the best in all of wrestling at the time (seek out some of his biggest Monsters Ball matches, and you’ll enjoy them as much as you’ll cringe), but it seems unlikely that he’d join WWE, because he’s been loyal to Impact since Day 1. As we said, this one is unlikely, but Vince McMahon (or at least his writers) were once high on the TNA original, so it wouldn’t shock us if he’d be open to the idea of Abyss in WWE, and while we don’t see it happening, performing on the biggest stage is something that he definitely deserves.

15 Triple H – Mark Haskins

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The UK wrestling scene is incredibly hot right now, and it’s only getting hotter, but one guy who has remained consistently hot no matter what promotion he’s been working for is Mark Haskins, and while he may not have the size of some other guys, he has incredible amounts of intensity and unique offense, and with his X-factor, his wife Vicky Haskins by his side, he is ready to conquer the world, and if Triple H had his way, that would include NXT. Haskins is a former Progress World Champion, and as you know, that is one of the most prestigious championships in independent wrestling, and it’s about time he got a big break, because he is one of the most underrated performers in this business.

He wasn’t chosen to compete in the upcoming UK tournament, which isn’t a good sign, but Triple H is always looking to bring in new talent to NXT, and if Haskins was one of those people, we could see he and Vicky being a power-heel couple at the top of WWE’s developmental brand for a while, and while he may struggle on the main roster, there’s always a place at the top of 205 Live for him if Vince McMahon isn’t a fan.

14 Vince – Goldberg

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Goldberg is one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry, despite his lack of in ring skills, and his latest return to the WWE that saw him win the Universal Title was a major success, and while the fans are definitely over seeing Vince McMahon use nostalgia acts and part-timers in the main event, it’s been working, as they are his biggest draws, so it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see one of the greatest WCW Champions of all time return to the WWE anytime soon.

As a retirement run to catapult him into the Hall of Fame, his 2016-2017 run was just about what you’d want, but Vince McMahon never knows when to call it quits on some performers, and given that he’s likely about to lose Brock Lesnar back to the UFC, this could be a handy replacement for him. Hopefully, for the sake of the fans and guys like Seth Rollins, Andrade “Cien” Almas, Elias, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe who are all looking to push into the main event slot this doesn’t happen, because Goldberg’s time has passed, but it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if McMahon and the WWE gave him a big money deal to return to the main event slot for a short, part-time run.

13 Triple H – Marty Scurll

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A lot of wrestling these days, especially on the independent scene relies entirely on in ring work, but Marty Scurll combines his hard hitting, technical style with character work that is almost unparalleled in wrestling today, and his over-the-top personality and indie credibility make him almost a dream signing for Triple H and the WWE, and it’s one we believe could happen in the very near future. Scurll is currently affiliated with Bullet Club and their upcoming All In show, so it’s unlikely to happen now, especially with the worldwide popularity he is gaining, but everyone signs with the WWE in the end, and Scurll should be a big target for WWE.

The Villain is one of the best all-around workers in wrestling today, and he has a unique look that would make him a star in the WWE.

Many of the performers in NXT are ones we’ve never seen him battle before, so this would be a fantastic signing for the WWE if Triple H can somehow make it happen. Marty is also currently under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling, so it may take some time, but everyone from Daniel Bryan to AJ Styles to Samoa Joe join the WWE eventually, and while we believe the likes of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega may never join WWE, it’s an inevitability for The Villain.

12 Vince – Brian Cage

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It’s been said time and time again by countless people close to Vince McMahon, but he doesn’t watch any wrestling outside of the WWE, so he’d have no clue who some of these people are, but the second he lays his eyes on Brian Cage and his work inside a wrestling ring, he’d be incredibly impressed at the super heavyweight who moves with the agility of a cruiserweight, and although Cage may not want to come to WWE right now, it’s something that Vince would have to get done.

He’s got guys like Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman who each bring something unique to the table, but Cage is another animal entirely, and although he’s been with the WWE before in developmental and wasn’t fond of it, things have changed drastically, and with a round of cuts no doubt coming in the near future, Cage would be a perfect signing. He is still with Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground, so it likely won’t happen soon, but with all of WWE’s top stars these days coming from the independents, it wouldn’t shock us if Vince is opening up to those guys, and Cage is the biggest and the best example of a Vince McMahon guy on the indies today.

11 Triple H – Zack Sabre Jr.

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Zack Sabre Jr. competed in the first ever Cruiserweight Classic for the WWE, and he put on some fantastic performances, but since that event in 2016, ZSJ has improved out of sight, and become one of the best wrestlers in the entire world, evidenced by his victories in the 2018 New Japan Cup and Super Strong Style 16 tournaments, and with this new edgy attitude, he’d be the perfect person to bring into NXT within the next 12 months.

Sure, he still lacks the flair and larger than life personality that everyone in management at WWE loves to see, but as a heel, there are few more effective in the world than ZSJ.

His technical style and flair has improved out of sight as of late, so he’d be the perfect guy to take down the top baby faces in NXT. As he’s currently signed with New Japan, it may be highly unlikely that ZSJ comes to the WWE anytime soon, but that’s where the top money is, and after seeing what the former ‘best technical wrestler in the world’ was able to achieve in the WWE, it must be a pretty appealing situation in a few years.

10 Vince – Cody Rhodes

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With a name like Rhodes, in the wrestling business, you are always going to be sought after, and when Cody didn’t feel that way in the WWE, he took his talents to the independent scene, and he’s now a bigger star than ever, and after leading the sell out of All In, there is no doubt that the WWE have begun to take notice, and one man that Vince will no doubt have his eye on is the American Nightmare, and you have to feel that a WWE reunion will definitely happen sometime in the future.

With Being The Elite, Cody is getting to tap into his creative side, and that’s something that is very limited in the WWE, so it’s likely not going to happen for a while, but Rhodes has everything the WWE look for in a top guy (surprising that they didn’t see that before he left), and he’ll soon become one of the hottest Free Agents in wrestling when his ROH contract is up. We’ve seen guys like Drew McIntyre and EC3 leave the WWE and come back much bigger and much more polished, and we expect the same to happen with Cody, and he’s one guy that Vince McMahon would definitely love to have back.

9 Triple H – Angelico

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There are so many unique characters on the independent wrestling scene and so many fantastic high-fliers, but South African Angelico is a perfect combination of the pair, and in NXT, like he did in Lucha Underground, his incredible athleticism will no doubt make him stand out from the pack, and that’s something that Triple H is using effectively with Ricochet, and Angelico would be no different (in fact, a clash between the two would be a huge encounter).

He and Jack Evans are now out from their Lucha Underground contracts (the two as a team would no doubt be a great signing for NXT too, if the WWE wanted to go that route), so this could happen anytime, and with what The Game has done for so many other performers, he could make Angelico one of the biggest stars that NXT has possibly ever seen. The South African star can perform anywhere in the world he wants, and New Japan Pro Wrestling is even a possibility, but the WWE is the biggest stage in professional wrestling, and if he wants to make his mark on the industry, NXT is the place to be.

8 Vince – Chris Masters

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Chris Masters was once one of the many ‘next big thing’ to come through WWE over the years, but like so many of them, he was pushed way too quickly, way too soon, and it resulted in him being a major flop, but unlike those other guys, he went out onto the independent scene and worked hard to make himself a better performer, and during his recent stint with Impact Wrestling, he proved just how far he has come, and if Vince McMahon has his way, The Masterpiece will be back in the WWE in the very near future.

He has the perfect body for a main event star in the WWE, and he’s improved every other aspect of himself: his in-ring performance, his presence and his promo work.

Although the main event scene on both RAW and Smackdown are currently quite full, Vince McMahon would still love to bring him back. He’s getting up there in age, and with so many young, hungry performers down in NXT, he may not get long to prove himself, but he is a really good wrestler right now, and it wouldn’t surprise us if he was hired and given a chance at a true main event run this time.

7 Triple H – Dalton Castle

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Dalton Castle is one of the most flamboyant and entertaining characters in professional wrestling today. The former Ring of Honor World Champion obviously has a lot going for him, and he may remain loyal to ROH for quite some time, but seeing how well the Velveteen Dream is being booked must no doubt make Castle curious about the possibility of the Party Peacock in WWE, and if he ever were to go to the WWE, he would be NXT Champion in no time.

Castle combines an amateur background with some of the most colorful and innovative character work that we’ve ever seen in professional wrestling, and it was rumored that the WWE were looking to sign him recently, but he stuck with ROH, and after a while, you have to imagine they’ll be back with a bigger and better offer. If Castle does stay in ROH, no one can blame him, because the company has been quite loyal to him, but at the end of the day, someone like Castle needs the bright lights and the big stage of WWE to perform on, and the thought of a Castle vs. Dream bout makes us want the WWE to sign him tomorrow.

6 Vince – Jonah Rock

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Vince McMahon isn’t aware of any wrestling outside of the WWE according to reports, so most indie people we have on this side of the list will come from someone showing McMahon videos or photos of certain performers. When he gets a look at the Aussie Jonah Rock, we have absolutely no doubt that Vince would immediately want him to join the WWE and the main roster.

Rock, affectionately known as The King of Monsters, has been wrestling for a decade now, but it’s only recently that he’s been making waves on the independent wrestling scene.

With his friends and former stable mates doing fantastic work in NXT (Shane Thorne and Nick Miller, who were a part of TMDK with Rock), it’s about time that Rock joined them and made waves on the biggest stage possible. Jonah isn’t the most polished performer, but he can do some incredible things for a man of his size, and it’s clear that Vince McMahon would love to have someone like this to mold and shape into a top monster, but either way, Rock is going to be WWE bound in the near future, and we just hope that they treat his rise correctly, because he could be a megastar.

5 Triple H – Jeff Cobb

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A lot of professional wrestlers these days have entered and succeeded in the business through amateur wrestling, but few were as good as Jeff Cobb, and whether the WWE are interested in the former Olympian as a solo act or as a tag team alongside Matt Riddle in the ‘Chosen Bros’, they need to do all they can to bring him in ASAP, because he has all the tools to be a megastar in WWE. He performs in Lucha Underground as Matanza Cueto, so, like we saw with Ricochet, it may be difficult to work with the contract situation.

But once that clears, the WWE should bring him in and build him up as the monster he is, because he could genuinely become the next Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar if treated and handled correctly. He’s not quite as charismatic as Angle, but in terms of in-ring skills and physical strength, Cobb matches them both, and he could probably be on either side of this list, because when Vince McMahon sees how impressive Cobb is, he’ll no doubt want him on the main roster too, but either way, the future is bright for one Jeff Cobb.

4 Vince – Rampage Brown

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The wrestling scene in the UK is as good now as it’s ever been, and that’s on the back of guys like Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr. making it big across the globe, but unfortunately, it’s been so good recently that we forget about the guys who laid the foundation, guys like Doug Williams and Rampage Brown, but when you take a look at Rampage, he’s exactly what Vince McMahon loves in a top guy: big, tough and a legitimate competitor, and although McMahon probably isn’t aware of Brown, he would no doubt be a fan if he saw him in action.

Rampage is hard hitting and knows how to put on a top class match, and although he’s at the back end of his career, he’s got plenty of gas left in the tank, and if given the chance, he would continue to put the UK on the map. A guy like Rampage could find himself on either side of this list, especially with the UK tournaments that WWE have been running over the past 2 years, but he looks more in the Vince McMahon mold of superstar, and we’d love to see him on the worldwide stage regardless.

3 Triple H – Timothy Thatcher

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On the other side of this list, we’ll get to Timothy Thatcher’s Ringkampf partner Walter, and while Vince McMahon no doubt loves a tough, bruising performer like Thatcher, he wouldn’t get the best out of him due to his obvious limitations, but down in NXT, Triple H has managed to make it work for several different types of performers, and the Evolve and Progress star is someone he could do the exact same for down in WWE’s developmental brand.

Thatcher isn’t good looking like Ricochet (sorry, Tim) or flamboyant like The Velveteen Dream, but we’ve seen with the likes of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, the tough, brawling type still has a place in wrestling, and someone who does it with the sheer size and aggression of Thatcher would no doubt catch your eye, and it would be a definite change of pace for NXT. We have no idea what the WWE think of Thatcher and what the possibility is that we see him in the company anytime soon, but he’s been travelling the world putting on fantastic matches for quite some time now, and it’s about time that the WWE took a chance on him.

2 Vince – Walter

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The wrestling world these days is full of hard-hitting, high-flying athletes, and the old-school has seemingly been completely phased out, but one performer who still fits that mold is Austrian born Walter, who is making a huge name for himself in PWG and all over Europe, and when Vince McMahon gets one look at the leader of Ringkampf, he’ll have no choice but to bring him in, either to NXT or straight to the main roster.

Sure, Walter doesn’t have the ability to cut a long promo, but if you give him a mouthpiece, he becomes one of the most dangerous performers in the entire WWE, and with a former member of Ringkampf in WWE already (Axel Dieter, better known now as NXT’s Marcel Barthel), it seems only a matter of time until Walter joins him. Triple H would also no doubt be interested in The Ring General, but he seems more of a Vince McMahon project, and as he possesses the hardest and most dangerous chops in professional wrestling, we should all prepare to see some incredible stiff strong style bouts from him in the WWE, whether it be in 2018 or the very, very near future.

1 Triple H – David Starr

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A lot of guys on the indies these days only know how to wrestle one style, and that’s the only thing that attracts them to the audience (fair play either way, if you’ve got one big strength, there’s no shame in capitalizing on it), but that’s far from David Starr, as he has a fantastic personality, as well as the ability to wrestle different types of matches, and it’s made him one of the most popular performers on the independents.

Starr, who has a line of nicknames almost longer than The List of Jericho, performs mainly in Europe these days, and given how that’s become a hot bed of professional wrestling, there’s no doubt he’s on WWE’s radar, and with the ability to be a singles or tag team star, it’s only a matter of time until he and Triple H come together and bring The Product to NXT. He’s still got several tournaments to win on the indies (as he’s become known as a guy who’s always the bridesmaid, never the bride in big tournaments), but when he’s achieved those goals, we’d really love to see the ‘104 Minute Man’ in WWE, whether it be with the UK show if it ever gets off the ground or NXT.

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