8 Rumored WrestleMania 35 Scenarios We Hope To See (And 8 To Avoid)

As per usual, WrestleMania featured a lot of good, a lot of bad and a lot of downright ugly. The good saw Ronda Rousey exceed expectations with a stellar performance. Asuka and Charlotte also put on a brilliant display. We got some bad as well with Cena and Taker lasting under three minutes but we’ll have more on that and a rumored scenario a little later. The ugly was truly captured in the main event. The storytelling for the bout was extremely lazy and another match that looked like a Paul Heyman idea. It was the usual suplex, outside-the-ring activity, F5, more suplexes and another F5. With such a finish, is it possible we’re getting a Brock versus Roman III at next year’s show?

In this article, we speculate early rumors and fan theories pertaining to the next WrestleMania. Some matches we want to see feature names like Charlotte, Ronda Rousey, Finn Balor and A.J. Styles. On the flip side, we’ll also feature things the WWE needs to avoid at all costs. Enjoy the article folks and like always, let us know which matches you want to see and which the company needs to avoid. Here are eight rumored WrestleMania 35 scenarios we hope to see and eight the WWE needs to avoid.

16 Avoid – Triple H Versus Batista

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According to Batista himself, the WWE considered The Animal for a position alongside Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Obviously, the company picked Kurt instead but that doesn’t mean the door is completely close on Batista returning. He’s expressed interest in the past on working a final program with Triple H and given Hunter’s desire to wrestle at yearly Mania’s, we aren’t counting the possibility of this match to take place out of the question.

Unfortunately, this is a match the company must avoid as it just won’t do anything for the betterment of the future. We already saw the two main event a WrestleMania show and seeing a rematch featuring the two well into their late 40s just wouldn't do any of them any good.

15 Hope To See – Chris Jericho Versus Nakamura

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Some fans consider Nakamura versus A.J. Styles as one of the bigger letdowns of the night. The match was fine and not terrible but most were expecting the two to turn things up a notch. We got that wish at the end of the match with a stunning turn by Nakamura. Most fans expected Styles to turn but instead, Shinsuke shocked the crowd by delivering a devastating low blow to the champion.

In all likelihood, we’ll see Y2J back in a WWE ring right around the time of next year’s WrestleMania. Such a potential match truly writes itself with Jericho recently heading overseas and wrestling for New Japan. It has the potential to be a great match and fantastic feud. For now, let’s enjoy Nakamura’s extended feud with A.J. and his shocking heel turn.

14 Avoid – Roman Reigns Versus Daniel Bryan

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Another fan theory to emerge via social media suggests a heel turn by Roman Reigns might open up this feud against Daniel Bryan. Now to be quite frank, we have no problems with the match, just not at WrestleMania. Most fans can agree it’s time for Roman to step aside and give the main event spotlight to someone else.

His WrestleMania 31 match wasn’t bad at all, however, the last three certainly did not live up to the bill. Some would argue you can’t put the blame entirely on Roman and although that’s true, especially following this year’s main event, it’s time for Roman to move down the card of WrestleMania and instead, put on a show stealing bout in the mid-card of the event.

13 Hope To See – Ronda Rousey Versus Charlotte

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These two were involved in some of the top matches from last night. Starting with Charlotte, she shocked the WWE Universe by defeating Asuka. Of course, the WWE is quite high on Charlotte so it wasn’t unbelievable to think that she was going to win the bout. The match was an absolute classic with Flair prevailing.

Later on in the evening Ronda Rousey also shocked fans with a near perfect debut. The fans were completely on her side and she did not disappoint looking completely comfortable inside of the squared circle. At this point, such a match between these two seems rather obvious and don’t be too shocked if such an encounter closes out the show. Looking at what both Superstars did last night, everyone should be excited about the potential of such a match.

12 Avoid – Ronda Rousey Versus Asuka

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For the longest time, the rumor mill began to speculate that this was the plan. It was believed that Rousey would eventually take on Asuka in a battle of undefeated streaks but of course, that was not meant to be with Asuka finally losing. A series of reasons could have been presented for Asuka to lose last night, one of which is perhaps Vince not wanting her to remains undefeated for another year. That’s tough on the other female talents. Another reason is that perhaps it was deemed that Charlotte would be a better match for Ronda down the line at some point.

A championship won’t elude Asuka, we still expect a title run at some point. It won’t be out of the question to see Charlotte return to Raw while Asuka feuds with the Raw Champion who’s shipped over to SmackDown. However, we can also see Asuka returning to the Monday show after her failed opportunity at the title. Perhaps Ronda and Asuka at SummerSlam?

11 Hope To See – Anything Ricochet

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Most pure wrestling fans might agree that the TakeOver event from this past week was significantly better than WrestleMania. One of the top bouts of the night took place at the very beginning featuring a six-way ladder match for the new North American Championship. The match didn’t disappoint and the top act from the bout was Ricochet who absolutely dazzled in his PPV debut. The guy’s a star and someone we need on the main roster ASAP.

According the rumors, he’ll help boost 205 Live. Surely, with such a name added to the roster, the Cruiserweights will get a lot more exposure. No disrespect to Ali and Alexander but with a name like Ricochet, we’ll be seeing the title defended on the main show next year and nobodies complaining that’s for sure with such a name in the mix.

10 Avoid - The New Day As A Unit

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We’re not sure what it was but the New Day just felt a lot more flat than usual during the recent WrestleMania. The pancake entrance got some laughs however; a lot of buzz surrounded the fact that the trio might have run its course together as a team. They hosted the show last year and most did not expect the team to stay together up until that point. Even a Superstar Shakeup led many fans to believe it was the end for the group but again, that wasn’t the case.

By next year’s show, the WWE needs to avoid keeping the three together once again. It appears that their fame is finally starting to run out. Give Big E a chance to shine on his own, the guy has the look and skills of an upper-card performer. Xavier and Kofi will also do well enough as solo acts.

9 Hope To See – Finn Balor Versus A.J. Styles

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Yes, we’ve seen this match before at the TLC PPV, however, it would be a lot different this time around with some context and buildup to such a bout. Rumors link Styles back to Raw while others speculate that Balor might be turning heel at some point setting up this fantastic potential angle for next year’s show.

Adding heat to this feud can be so obvious. The reunion of The Club featuring Styles, Balor, Gallows and Anderson can be the perfect way to start things up. Heck, they can even give Styles and Balor a run at the Tag Titles to help the division on Raw which seems to sinking at the moment. All of that can lead to a devastating turn by Balor setting up the perfect WM 35 match.

8 Avoid – 14 Matches

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14 matches, let that sink in for a second. 14. We get that the WWE’s trying to give everyone their WrestleMania moment but for goodness sake 14 is just way too much. It causes lots of matches to lose their value due to being way too short. Cena versus Undertaker lasted less than three minutes while Braun Strowman’s Tag Title victory was less than five.

NXT has the right idea. The TakeOver event featured five matches that were given plenty of time to shine. The shortest match was near 12 minutes while the main event featuring Gargano and Ciampa was given near 40 minutes and it told us a fantastic story. It was nearly three-times longer than the WrestleMania main event that just went over 15 minutes. Do us a favor Vince and book less matches for next year’s show. Avoid 14!

7 Hope To See – Sasha Banks Versus Trish Stratus

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The rumor mill continues to link Bayley with a possible heel turn. Now that might be true judging by her performance in the battle royal last night, however, we also have reason to believe that Sasha might do the same at some point.

Like lots of other Superstars, Sasha is in great need of a change at this point. Whether it’s revamping her character and turning heel or, going to the SmackDown brand Sasha needs a change and she needs one fast. With Charlotte and Rousey speculated to faceoff at next year’s show the company’s going to need another big matchup. Why not have Stratus return and take on heel Sasha? The two teased a match in the future at the Rumble and it would definitely be a bout that would go over with the Jersey crowd.

6 Avoid – Elias Concert Part II

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Not only was the volume of the bouts way too much but it also featured some pointless segments as well. One of which was a brief performance by Elias, one the WWE could have avoided. The rumors believed that Elias and The Rock were to work together on the show, others also speculated an angle between Elias and Jarrett. None of those took place and instead, he was given some random time before a Cena Undertaker match.

For next year, most fans would agree that the WWE show avoid such a gimmick. At such an event , we want to see the best of the best putting on a great show in the ring. Instead of wasting time on such a segment, how’s about we see a darn ladder or table break!

5 Hope To See – Adam Cole’s WrestleMania Debut

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If you didn’t know who Adam Cole was before TakeOver, you likely know his name by now. The NXT ladder match was truly brilliant last a near 32 minutes, the match ended with Cole getting his hand raised and claiming the North American Championship as the first title holder. As if that wasn’t enough, he competed in a tag match soon after retaining the straps with Undisputed Era partner Kyle O’Reilly.

Seeing him get that much credit is great, however, it also means more time down in NXT for a wrestler who’s clearly main roster ready. We’ll see him up with the big boys at some point in 2018, though it won’t be after WrestleMania 34 immediately. Nonetheless, we hope to see Adam featured in a prominent WrestleMania match come next year’s show.

4 Avoid – John Cena Versus Hulk Hogan

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Fan speculation also suggested this match for next year’s show featuring John Cena and Hulk Hogan in a once in a lifetime type match. Hogan’s name is finally starting resurface, he was mentioned numerous times at the Hall of Fame and at WrestleMania. He was also spotted alongside Triple H at the Andre The Giant screening, it seems like the WWE is slowly planning on bringing the Hulkster back.

A surprising revelation made by Hulk himself is that he wants a return to feature a comeback as an in-ring talent. We love Hulk’s passion but at the age of 64, most of us would agree that the WWE should avoid his requests. He seemed a step behind two decades ago with WCW, one can only imagine how he’d perform today after being gone from the ring for years.

3 Hope To See – Braun Strowman In The Universal Title Picture

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A major letdown at this year’s show featured Braun Strowman in a bout worthy of the pre-show. Fans speculated pertaining to his partner, names like Bray Wyatt and Rey Mysterio got all of us buzzing. Instead, he picked a fan by the name of Nicholas and he steam rolled passed the former champions Cesaro and Sheamus. It was all so bad and such a waste of his popularity with the crowd.

By next year’s show, we hope the WWE re-writes this wrong by giving Strowman a big time opportunity at the championship. Speculation suggests he might claim the championship at some point in the near future before ‘Mania, nonetheless, we hope he has a significant match for the show next year and not some random Tag Championship bout.

2 Avoid - Brock Versus Roman III

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A fan theory online that started to generate some buzz linked a part three WrestleMania matchup between Roman and Brock. Fans hate the idea given the way the bout went last night, however, judging by the finish, it’s not entirely wrong to think that’s where we’re headed towards.

It remains to be seen what the game plan is, what we do know is that this feud is far from over with such a finish last night. We’ll see them in the ring once again, though it’s unknown if that’ll happen at the first PPV after WrestleMania, SummerSlam or heck what fans fear most, next year’s show. WWE needs to avoid this by all costs and have Lesnar drop the championship long before the show.

1 Hope To See – John Cena Versus The Undertaker (Career Versus Title)

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Seeing the way Cena versus Taker turned out, it all made sense as to why the WWE booked the match the way they did. With ‘Taker destroying Cena in just under three minutes, it seems obvious the company has bigger plans for this feud moving forward.

Recent theories suggest that the Deadman might be returning for one final run, even the commentators suggested that he was back. A scenario that seems to make the most sense can see Undertaker win the WWE Championship at either the Royal Rumble or SummerSlam. This would lead to a career versus title match featuring Cena and Taker once again. It would be the perfect story to tell as Undertaker finally rides off into the sunset while Cena makes history becoming the most decorated champion in WWE history with his 17th title reign.

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