Rumors Of Real Life Heat Between Banks And Bliss Continue

Rumors continue to circulate that the animosity Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks show towards each other is more than just an angle.

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks went head to head on Sunday night at Great Balls Of Fire for Alexa's Raw Women's Championship. Bliss used her champion's advantage to keep hold of the belt, for now, which in the realms of the rivalry between the two only made The Boss dislike the champ even more. Well apparently that dislike between Banks and Bliss extends beyond the confines of a WWE ring.

While it has been discussed for years now that The Boss and The Goddess do not like each other, their rivalry over the Raw women's roster's top prize has brought those assumptions bubbling back to the surface. There have been a number of occurrences the last couple of weeks that have suggested Sasha is being a little too real when it comes to her feelings about Bliss. Firstly during an interview after a Raw where she said Bliss has been a snake since she met her in NXT, and then a video emerged of Banks' mood drastically changing during a house show when Alexa's music hit.

Still Real To Us have reported on the alleged real life rivalry twice within the last week following both of the above incidents, and it would appear that the feud was only furthered at Great Balls Of Fire. Following their match Sasha attacked Alexa, delivering her patented knees to the face from the lofty heights of the announce table. Banks got all of it as well, slamming Bliss to the ground and causing her to bleed in the process.

When it comes to the female side of things in WWE at the moment the Superstars are normally not in the business of pretending to like their peers unless they really do. Alexa herself makes no bones about posting selfies of herself with Nia Jax in everyday life, and Charlotte and Becky Lynch also make sure everybody knows that they're friends whether they're feuding in the ring or not. On the contrary Bliss and Banks have unfollowed each other on social media and were also taking shots at one another in the build to their title match last Sunday.


Most of the signs point towards Sasha and Bliss simply not liking each other. However it may just be a case of the two of them being dedicated to blurring the lines between story line and reality, something that doesn't happen enough in today's product. If the two of them are back stage laughing over articles like this because they're really the best of friends then they're doing an awfully good job of hiding it.

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