Rumors Swirling For A MAJOR Heel Turn!

It seems as though the yearly John Cena heel turn rumors have returned. This time, however, the reports seem to be a bit bolder. Sites like Forbes have posted about the possibility of WWE actually going through with the move and Forbes has claimed that pressure is mounting for the WWE to turn Cena heel and to potentially create an nWo type of faction.

With the reports claiming that the WWE wants to shake up their product, this would certainly do the job. Some would argue that this heel turn could be the biggest heel turn in history, similar to Hogan going dark with the nWo. And of course, it's only fitting that something of this magnitude happens at WrestleMania.

Now, we've heard these rumors before and many are likely to write it off. However, with the WWE trying to deliver a new era to fans, this would certainly be the exclamation point and could spark interest in the company from casual fans.

I will have to believe it when I see it, but how would you like to see Cena turn heel?

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