15 Rumoured Plans Triple H Has For His Eventual Takeover Of WWE (That Vince Wouldn't Approve)

Triple H and Vince McMahon are close but they often see the WWE very differently. Speculation is that Triple H is much more about "wrestling" with a focus on independent talents and the best in-ring competition while Vince still likes the "showmanship" that comes with being the WWE. Rumours are Triple H has time for the smaller guys that can "go" whereas Vince is more "bigger is better" and still wants to give names like Big Cass and Roman Reigns the green light. Triple H likes underdog stars who grind out their future while Vince is good with part-time players with big-name recognition.

Are these two so different that when the day finally comes that Triple H is given the reigns to run the place, will everything change? What will the WWE look like when Vince — and his potentially old-school thinking — are no longer running things? When all this goes down is still a mystery. Vince is widely known as a man who will likely have to die to relinquish control of his baby. But, it will happen and when it does, things will be different. Much of the change that might occur when Triple H becomes the boss could be small stuff; subtle things that won't be immediately visible to the WWE Universe. Other things might be more drastic.

Will Triple H keep the same guys around him 24/7? Will he call on the same advisors? Could he give more time to indie talent and opportunities to the guys who aren't giants? Will he bury the talent he doesn't like or walk away from the actual wrestling part of his career? There are a lot of questions.

In an attempt to answer those questions, we're looking at 15 things that will change when Triple H takes over WWE, most of which Vince likely won't approve of.

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15 Get Rid Of Brock Lesnar

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It’s possibly true and it’s possibly not true, but there’s a sentiment that Triple H is not the world's biggest fan of Brock Lesnar. It goes all the way back to 2002 when he buried Brock and then again at WrestleMania 29. In both cases, Triple H probably should have won but exerted his influence to make it happen. The Game says all the right things and likely knows that the “attraction” that is the Beast Incarnate is real, but Triple H was brought up during a time that champions earned their keep by showing up, putting on a show and treating the belt and the company with respect.

Lesnar is widely considered a talent that does none of those things.

Does Triple H see value in a Lesnar? Probably. Would he continue to pay him more than any other WWE Superstar and use him less, all while holding onto the Universal Championship? Not likely. He’d much rather see guys like Finn Balor or Kevin Owens make the title mean something by offering matches that would wow an audience. If Vince goes, you can almost guarantee Lesnar isn’t far behind. Lesnar sitting at home and holding the belt does nothing for WWE. Triple H has to know that.

14 Shinsuke Nakamura Gets The Run He Deserves

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While Shinsuke Nakamura was already a huge star in Japan, he was a find for Triple H and The Game is the reason he was brought to WWE. This is a guy that Triple H wanted to make into a star and definitely wants to see succeed on the WWE roster. If nothing else, he's like a pet project for Triple H that if he makes it to the top, will help define the new boss' legacy as a man who can find talent and turn them into stars like Vince has done so many times over. So far, Nakamura's tenure in WWE has been back and forth. He's one of the hottest heels in the company right now but before that, his call-up to the main roster wasn't nearly as successful as some might have hoped.

This, despite the fact that he was one of the most popular talents ever to wrestle in NXT. Not coincidentally, this was a time that Triple H was running the show and made a real effort to ensure Nakamura was accepted and showcased his skill as an in-ring performer and his personality. Rumours are that Vince has never really taken to Nakamura like Triple H did and for that reason, Nakamura hasn't reached his potential.

13 Air Indie Promotions On WWE Network

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Here's one thing we know. Triple H believes the future success of the WWE lies in the recruitment of talents from all over the world. One of the places he often looks to are competing promotions that the average wrestling fan doesn't know about. Evolve Wrestling and Progress Wrestling are just two examples. Triple H has attended shows for both companies in the past, takes an interest in seeing how they run their shows and avid fans that watch what WWE closely knows what he is doing behind the scenes. In short, Triple H is responsible for a lot of the smaller projects WWE has on the go.

The idea that Vince would want to shine a spotlight on these smaller promotions seems like an idea out of left field. Yes, there was a time that Vince was actively helping the smaller ECW, but he really had no choice as the chants for that promotion were being heard on his live tv shows. In the case of Triple H, he's not trying to deal with these promotions existing, he's trying to help them. You can almost guarantee he'll be pushing harder for relationships between WWE and these smaller independent brands, potentially even airing them on WWE Network.

12 More Managers

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Rumoured to have a totally opposite opinion about the lost art of managers and professional wrestlers, Triple H is pushing to have more while Vince has tried to eliminate them altogether. In WWE now, there are few managers at all, but even fewer male ones. Some of the most popular personalities in WWE were the likes of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Lou Albano, Jimmy Hart and Classie Freddie Blassie. Somewhere after these men were in their prime, Vince decided to do away with "the manager" and at the same time, took away a lot of the heel aspect of many of the WWE's biggest characters.

Triple H is is a wrestler who understands what having a veteran manager in your corner can do.

It can help hide inadequacies, it can give mentors and tutors to new talent and, for a man like Triple H, who looks after the grooming of new stars, understands it can speed up the maturation process. This is why we've seen names like Paul Ellering and Zelina Vega become a prominent part of the NXT scene. Hopefully, this is an area where Triple H has already started to make a difference. Vega looks to be a big part of Andrade Cien Almas' career. Should Vince not be on board, there is no doubt, once Triple H takes over, you'll see more Vegas and Ellerings on the main roster.

11 Bye Bye Punk

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The likelihood that CM Punk is ever going to return to the WWE is small. If Triple H is in charge, you can bet that chance goes from small to almost non-existent. Punk and WWE don't like each other, but as hard as it might be to believe, Punk and Triple H like each other less. They had one of the biggest backstage rivalries when they worked together and resent each other more than perhaps any two other WWE Superstars in history. Punk always felt like he was being targeted by Triple H and Punk hated the fact that The Game politicized his way into a lot of favourable situations. When Triple H grew more powerful, Punk knew he was in trouble.

When Punk bailed on WWE and retired from wrestling, he specifically named Triple H as a reason for his decision to take off. You can bet Triple H hasn't forgotten that. Triple H also doesn't forget easily and while we don't know it to be the case, may not be as forgiving as Vince when it comes to bringing former talent back into the fold. We know Triple H can mend relationships for others — he was instrumental in bringing back Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, and Kurt Angle — but what about when the beef is specifically between him and someone else?

10 Create True Heels

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It's hard to know if Triple H campaigned for talents like Bobby Roode to keep their heel status when they were called up to the main roster but one can imagine he did. Triple H helped create some of the greatest heels in NXT and Vince turned them into babyfaces the fans lost interest in almost immediately. A former wrestler and one that understands how rare it is to be a hated but beloved heel, Triple H knows enough not to mess with something that isn't broken.

If he were to take the reigns from McMahon, you would have to assume Roode would go back to being the heel he was meant to be. This could also be said for guys like Bray Wyatt whom Triple H might not have turned into a campy joke character. The Revival would be old-school heels cheating and cutting off the ring and guys like Elias might not be pandering to the crowd while trying to get themselves hated. The WWE is not the same type of company it once was. There is far more grey area when it comes to heels and baby faces. But, Triple H seems to know when the company has found gold with a heel and likely knows enough not to mess with it.

9 Samoa Joe Or Kevin Owens Become Champion

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If we're talking about projects of Triple H, look no further than Samoa Joe. Joe is a veteran in professional wrestling so maybe "project" isn't the right word; the cause may be more like it. Samoa Joe represents a cause for Triple H, which is taking wrestlers from companies like TNA and giving them a platform to shine. Roode, Joe, Angle, Eric Young, and others have made their way to WWE when just a few years ago, that would have been unheard of. Triple H is a backer of Joe. He believes that he's got everything that would make a good talent.

It hasn't happened in WWE yet, but many are expecting it will. If Triple H starts to make these calls, it will happen sooner than later. One person who has been champion is Kevin Owens. Triple H sought out Owens when he was on the independent scene and has been a huge supporter ever since. Owens has been given a run with the belt before but he was screwed out of it when Goldberg came around. Look for Triple H to keep pushing for Owens and try to help make him a star. Both of these guys deserve it but Vince likely needs a little convincing.

8 Will Retire From the Ring

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Triple H is one of the only wrestlers from the Attitude Era and earlier still competing in the WWE. No, he's not competing often and his matches are usually reserved for big occasions or fill in spots at big house shows and live events but if it were up to Triple H, he'd probably cut back those matches, perhaps even eliminate them altogether if it means he could focus on the backstage part of his job now. There has been talk that Triple H would retire given his growing responsibility backstage. The reason it likely hasn't happened is that Vince needs him in those big moments when another wrestler just isn't the right fit.

This might come as good news or bad news to certain fans.

Some suggest he's been taking away the spotlight for people more deserving while others are still fans and appreciate the big match feel he adds to any contest he's in. In a way, he's like the part-time talent he may be trying to eliminate so it would make sense that he would want to remove himself from that picture as well. If Vince were gone, Triple H would probably also be too busy to wrestle as often as he does.

7 Roman Reigns To the Back of the Line

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Is Triple H as stubborn and pig-headed about certain talents the way Vince McMahon is? The rumours that Vince is in love with the idea of making Roman Reigns a star are no longer rumours, they're fact. Too many instances have happened now not to see how Vince is trying to get Roman accepted and refuses to admit it isn't working. Triple H is much more likely to make a change.

The fact that Roman can't get over as a heel would likely tell Triple H that Reigns either needs to go to the back of the line and earn his way back into the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe or he goes heel and uses the hatred for good. Vince, on the other hand, just isn't there yet. This decision likely would have been made a long time ago if it were Triple H who was in charge. But, as much power as The Game has backstage, some things he just can't make happen because the final say still belongs to the old man. As long as Vince is in charge, fans will likely see a babyface Reigns try to demand respect. It won't work and Vince won't listen.

6 Find His Own Stooges

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The "stooges" are famous in WWE. Jerry Brisco and Pat Patterson were Vince's right-hand men for years. Patterson goes all the way back to the beginning when it comes to working with Vince as it was he and Vince who would often sit around the pool and produce or write all the ideas for WWE that brought the company great fame and fortune in the 80's and 90's. With Vince moving out of the picture and the stooges getting older, Triple H would need to find his own "yes men."

That has already started to happen as Road Dogg has become a huge part of the shows and that's because of Triple H. He writes a ton of content and produces many segments in WWE and often works side-by-side with Triple H. Shawn Michaels has also been brought on to help Triple H in NXT. There were rumours Triple H had some hand in bringing Jeff Jarrett into the Hall of Fame with the intention of working with him and utilizing his relationships with promoters for other brands but that has yet to materialize. Who are the biggest potential stooges for Triple H if he were to take over? See our next item on the list.

5 The Kliq to Have Jobs

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The relationship between the Kliq and Triple H is legendary. He chose to get involved with them when he was first brought over to WWE and since that day, they've become the best of friends. It would make sense that Scott Hall, X-Pac, Kevin Nash and Michaels would have jobs for life if they wanted them. Vince, on the other hand, might not be so quick to bring these guys in and let them run the show like they used to.

You know that every one of these guys would accept whatever job was offered too. Hall, Nash, and X-Pac are still toiling around in smaller promotions trying to make a buck off their names and a steady paycheque in WWE would be a welcome sight. Triple H also seems to trust them; even if he shouldn't. If you're going to run a big company like WWE, it makes sense that you would want guys by your side to go to war with. The Kliq would take a bullet for Triple H without question. Sometimes, that's more important than the skills you can actually offer when it comes to production. It would also help that there's no rival company they can defect to if hired to healthy contracts.

4 Shawn Michaels In A Bigger Role

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Unlike Kliq members Hall, Nash and X-Pac, Shawn Michaels offers something unique to the equation. He's perhaps, hands down, the best in-ring performer to ever live. Why wouldn't Triple H want to use that? The answer is, he would. He'd also likely give him whatever job in the company he'd want. Michaels is an invaluable asset to WWE that Vince might not see like Triple H does. It's why The Game has begged Michaels to work with the young guys in NXT and let him run much of the training of the new recruits, relied on his expertise and asked for his thoughts on many matters involving the product. Michaels has taken specific talents like Johnny Gargano and made them pet projects and Triple H wants to see more talents like Gargano flourish.

If Michaels is willing to take a larger role in the company, you can bet Triple H wants to make that happen.

If he were running the show, it would have already been a done deal. McMahon on the other hand still may have some feelings about Michaels getting too involved because he may not be in that inner circle yet. Both probably understand how useful Michaels can be, but Triple H wants to give Michaels the second key to the kingdom and one that opens most of the doors.

3 More Creative Freedom To Talent

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There was always an element of scripting in the promos of WWE Superstars. Perhaps it was as simple and giving a few talking points and requiring the talent focus on the end goal, but today, few, if any WWE Superstars have the freedom to really go out and wing it. Everything is so scripted it stifles the creativity, often making it impossible for fans to really know the real people behind the characters. Triple H may never remove every bit of scripting, but there's no doubt he'll loosen the reigns a little (pun intended). Under "The Games" watch, gone might be the days that wrestlers will have to literally recite lines.

The idea will be to promote the creativity of the talent and in the end, those who can feel the pulse of the audience will reign supreme (pun intended again). Vince is one of the few people who closely that every line is bang on, not trusting the talent but his own idea of what will work. Signs are already there that Triple H is spearheading the idea of letting the talent sink or swim. In NXT, he gives them bullet points but the rest is up to them. And, why not? If anyone wants their promo to get over, it's the talent themselves. There is no better example of this than Roman Reigns. His career was essentially derailed because of scripted promos that made him look foolish.

2 Push The Cruiserweights

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It’s fairly common knowledge that Vince McMahon doesn’t see in the Cruiserweights what Triple H does. In fact, there was a time that Triple H didn’t see it either. Both Vince and Trips came from a place where bigger was better and larger-than-life personalities ruled all. Triple H had changed his way of looking at things while Vince has been hesitant to. One need look no further than how 205 Live started out. A tournament run in the annals of Full Sail University - where NXT and Triple H spend much of their time - when Triple H had his hands on the product it was exciting and fun and creative, like nothing else WWE was offering. When that tournament became a show and Vince sunk his teeth into it, the wacky characters became the focus and the wrestling secondary.

It was as if Vince thought no one would love the smaller and faster guys for their talent so he hid them behind goofy gimmicks. Things have started to change since Triple H regained control but the brand won’t see a real change until Vince is out of the picture for good. If Triple H takes over, he’ll give the Cruiserweights the time, respect and spotlight they deserve.

1 Promote NXT

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The last item on our list is the most obvious. Why? Because NXT is Triple H's baby and he wants to see it succeed. The brand is already huge but Vince is likely prone to keeping it on WWE Network because it's so different than the rest of the programs WWE offers. Triple H sees the brand as potentially more popular than SmackDown Live or Raw if given a chance. It would be one of the first orders of business for Triple H to give NXT a shot to shine on broadcast television and try to sell the brand to a major network.

If NXT could be a proven success for WWE and a major money maker for the company, it would validate everything Triple H is trying to do and prove he can build a brand, make it a success and help elevate it from a startup to a monster. That's where Triple H is lacking. Vince has the reputation as one of the best promoters in the world. Triple H is seen as the wrestling executive. For Triple H's legacy as a WWE boss to mean anything, he has to show he can do what Vince has done in the past. No one builds a brand like Vince, but Triple H needs to at least show he should be in the conversation.

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