Rusev BLASTS WWE Stars & McMahons Over 2K Ratings

WWE superstar Rusev sat down with Sporf to discuss the recently released WWE 2K18 game and was asked how he felt about the ratings of him and fellow superstars. Needless to say, The Bulgarian Brute wasn't pleased in the slightest.

Asked about if he was pleased with his rating of 84, here's what Rusev had to say:

"Of course not. How can an undefeated Superstar for a whole year, go face John Cena at WrestleMania on a freaking tank, be rated 84? And Sami Zayn, who weighs 180 pounds, shaves his abs in with a razor, can have a higher rating than me?"

Rusev was also asked about his thoughts on Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon being ranked 84 and 74, respectively. He didn't understand Shane's ranking, since "he wrestles once a year." Rusev also said that Vince's rating was the "only other realistic rating... because he sucks."

Oh, and he also said Enzo Amore's rating should have been 54 (he was rated 74) and said: "that kid should never wrestle anyways."

It's only a video game, but Rusev is obviously taking these ratings a little too seriously. The reality is, he's a mid-card wrestler who has failed to beat top talent in recent years, so one can argue that the 84 rating is a bit generous.

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And though Shane McMahon only wrestles a few matches a year, he's still a future Hall of Famer and long-time wrestling legend, so his rating is probably not going to draw much ire from Rusev's peers.

Unless this was part of some storyline (it most definitely isn't), then Rusev should watch what he says. Saying your boss "sucks," while criticizing his son isn't really the best way to go about things. Also taking shots at fellow superstars is asking for trouble.

Nonetheless, Rusev wanted us to know what he felt about the ratings. Unfortunately for The Bulgarian Brute, he's unlikely to be hired by 2K Sports any time soon - so he has no control over the ratings.


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