Rusev Given New Nickname At Starrcade, A Shot At AEW?

If it's a shot at anyone, it's probably AEW and not Joey Janela personally, but Rusev's new nickname, one he was given at Starrcade can't be a coincidence.

Lana really tried to hammer home the idea of calling Rusev "Bad Boy Rusev". She told the WWE Universe, specifically everyone in the state of Georgia, that they should be thanking her. She's been getting multiple restraining orders and Rusev keeps breaking the law by violating them.

Look out Janela, apparently, you're no longer the bad boy of professional wrestling.

At Starrcade on Sunday night, Rusev came out to the ring and attacked Bobby Lashley. Even the announcers got into the nickname, which lends credibility to the fact WWE is really trying to make it stick. Tom Phillips kept saying Rusev didn't care about any restraining order, "Look at this!, the Bad Boy Rusev going to work!"

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Not Quite the Janela Character

While it's a different type of bad boy persona than the one AEW performer Joey Janela has made somewhat famous, it is a name that we have to know will catch on with WWE fans. most of them are in love with this new Rusev, even if the storyline is among the silliest in WWE. The fans want Rusev to succeed, so if calling him Bad Boy Rusev gets him over with Vince and company, fans will probably do so.

Our question is this? How seriously does WWE want us to take the idea of Rusev being a bad boy if he comes out and beats up Lashley in a Bob Ross t-shirt? That screams confident, but possibly not a bad boy.

It will be interesting to see where all this goes and how much WWE tries to refer to Rusev as the Bad Boy on Monday's episode of Raw.

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