Rusev Injury Confirmed By WWE At Main Event Taping

The WWE has now confirmed the rumor via its website that Rusev did, in fact, sustain an injury that will shelf him for a while. According to the post, Rusev sustained a proximal bicep tendon rupture during his match with Neville. This occured during the WWE Main Event tapings on Tuesday night. The match inevitably was called due to the injury. The former WWE United States Champion will miss about three to four weeks. This does not bode well for the Bulgarian Brute, as once his story line with Dolph Ziggler ended, it is unsure what direction he will be going. Obviously being on a Main Event taping already shows that things were not looking good. Vince McMahon is looking to do different things to improve ratings, and with the current roster where it is, this might be the worst time to sustain an injury for Rusev.

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Rusev Injury Confirmed By WWE At Main Event Taping