Rusev & Lana "Divorce Court" Segment Announced For Monday's Raw

WWE has announced a segment dubbed "Divorce Court" which will feature Rusev and Lana and be hosted by Jerry Lawler.

For fans asking why WWE doesn't resurrect the Attitude Era, look closer and you'll see today's product has more of it than you realize. Case and point, the love triangle currently unfolding between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley. If you can really call it a love triangle. Rusev is more of an onlooker at this point by all accounts.

So far, we have seen Lana and Lashley out to dinner, the latter massaging the former, and we've even seen the Ravishing Russian whip off her bra while in bed with her new man. See what we were saying about the Attitude Era? Not only have fans seen all of that, but poor Rusev has had a front-row seat too. This past Monday, The Bulgarian Brute had seen enough.

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Rusev's attack on Lashley at a restaurant earned him an arrest, all in the name of the angle of course. At least we hope. Rusev and Lashley are yet to have a match, but chances are they will meet in the ring at Crown Jewel. The pair is on opposing sides in the Team Hogan versus Team Flair match. Three days before that, Rusev and Lana will try to hash out their differences in the ring.

At least that's what we're assuming will be the point of the advertised segment. As revealed on Friday night's SmackDown, Rusev and Lana will be special guests on a special edition of Jerry Lawler's King's Court on Raw. For one night only, the segment has been renamed "Divorce Court." There have been plenty of weddings on WWE TV, on Monday night, we could see quite the opposite.

On the one hand, this whole thing is just a storyline for a television show. On the other hand, Rusev is still having to watch his wife make out and fool around with another man. It can't be comfortable for anyone involved. On the bright side, it has gotten the real-life husband and wife some TV time, something they had been seriously lacking recently before this.

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