WWE Superstar OBLITERATES Ryback In Heated Instagram Exchange

The Big Guy was forced to tuck his tail between his legs after being destroyed on Instagram by a current Superstar.

Rusev and Ryback recently clashed on Instagram and suffice to say it was The Bulgarian Brute who came out on top once all was said and done.

To put it mildly, Ryback isn't the biggest fan of WWE. The Big Guy parted ways with the company in 2016 and ever since then has had something of an axe to grind with his former employers. Ryback believed he had the potential to be WWE's next top guy but as it turned out Vince McMahon and co didn't exactly share that vision.

Right now in WWE it could be argued that Rusev has currently taken up the mantle that Ryback left behind. A big guy who at one time was at the top of the card, only to find himself languishing somewhat a year or so later while vocally letting many people know that he thinks he his being misused by the company.

You would think with the two big guys having so much in common they would probably get along quite well. Well a recent altercation on Instagram would suggest otherwise. The Usos posted a video of Rusev lifting weights at the gym and Ryback commented that he 'would have expected more weight from 'The Bulgarian Brute'', also adding '#f***RusevDay'. Rusev replied with a simple yet savage response: 'all natural workouts here'.


PULL DAT ISH @rusevig @jonathanfatu #isymfs

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Rusev is quickly becoming a fan favorite on social media. While he may not be getting the push that many feel he deserves on screen he is certainly gathering quite the following online. This Instagram comeback in response to some unprovoked comments from Ryback will only further his cause to become a cult hero among WWE's online fans. It will also be interesting to see how Ryback responds to the accusation from Rusev that his impressive size is not necessarily all natural.


Ryback is not a fan of people trolling him on the internet, like most people, but posting comments like this one to Rusev isn't going to slow that trolling down. Countless people have commented on the photo since Ryback and Rusev interacted in the comments section and unsurprisingly the majority of them have taken the side of The Bulgarian Brute.

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WWE Superstar OBLITERATES Ryback In Heated Instagram Exchange