Rusev Pressing Charges Against Memphis Hotel After Alleged Theft

It may be Rusev Day, but there was no happiness to be found after the Bulgarian Brute allegedly had items stolen from his hotel room in Memphis earlier this week. With SmackDown originating from The Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll, Rusev and Lana were staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis. It seemed like a nice getaway for the couple, who reside in Nashville, TN, until Rusev returned to his hotel room on Monday and noticed items were missing, namely money from his wallet and Lana's camera.


If that wasn't bad enough, the next night Rusev took a Skull Crushing Finale from The Miz after defeating Samoa Joe. But the alleged theft was still on his mind come Wednesday as he vowed to press charges on the hotel for entering his hotel room when he had a DO NOT DISTURB SIGN on the door, and then allegedly taking money and a camera.

Rusev also said on Twitter that he's filed a police report so this situation isn't going away anytime soon despite the customer service operater offering up "no comment" on the allegation.

Rusev and Lana weren't the only ones who came away less than pleased with Sheraton of Memphis as Paige also called out that specific hotel.

She also tagged them in her tweet which gave ammunition to some members of the WWE Universe to bombard @SheratonMemphis with vile language and expletives as if it was Roman Reigns.

Drake Maverick also noticed Paige's tweet which prompted him to worry about his Mac being stolen from his hotel room.

With the WWE wrapping up its tour of Memphis, there is plenty of time for the Superstars to find new lodgings for their next visit.

Or, if all else fails, the Superstars could always call up Jerry "The King" Lawler and see if the King of Memphis has a spare room or two at his house.

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