Rusev Returns To WWE, Comments On Being Father To Maria's Baby

Rusev made a surprise return to WWE on Monday's Raw. Perhaps more shocking than his return, was potentially the storyline he was thrust into that has people left scratching their heads.

Fans have been wondering when and where Rusev would return to WWE. On Monday's Raw, they got their answer as the Bulgarian Brute showed up on a night of returns to the surprise of the WWE Universe. But, this wasn't just any return. There was a number of interesting things to take note of when it came to Rusev's involvement in the show.

First, Rusev was sporting a new look. Shaved chest, much leaner and beard completely gone, he wore only a mustache to the ring to take out Mike Kanellis. Speaking of Kanellis, his storyline that included a gender reveal, false accusations by Maria that Ricochet was the father, then eventually an another suggested reveal leading to Rusev's return, hinted Rusev was the true baby-daddy to Mike and Maria's unborn son.

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If nothing else, it was a twist few saw coming.

In an exclusive WWE.com interview backstage after Raw ended, Kayla Braxton tried to get answers to the burning question, 'Was Rusev really the father?' Rusev neither confirmed nor denied the speculation, merely saying he was not prepared to answer questions at that time.

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What About Lana?

This was not probably how most people would have assumed Rusev might return to WWE. The new look was not terribly shocking but to come back without Lana and to be thrust into a storyline that suggests he's the father of Mike Kanellis' baby isn't at all the direction many assumed WWE would go.

No Lana is an interesting update to this whole story. Is there a reason she wasn't there? Even more interesting, is there a reason Rusev didn't say anything about the baby situation?

The WWE announce crew did suggest Rusev chose to come back just in time for the WWE Draft in October but where is all this Mike, Maria and Rusev stuff going?

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