Rusev Hilariously Oversells An AJ Styles Stunner [Video]

Rusev is one of the WWE's most decorated and athletic in-ring wrestlers. But when it comes to using 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's iconic "Stunner" maneuver, The Bulgarian Brute may want to work on how he sells it.

In a dark match against AJ Styles on SmackDown Live, Rusev got hit with the Stunner, and oversold it pretty darn badly:

Us WWE fans can't help but have a soft spot for epic oversells like that. It never hurts to have a little bit of comedy, but you have to think Styles and Vince McMahon weren't too happy. That oversell did not make Styles look like a legitimate WWE Champion.

That wasn't the first time Rusev got hit with the 'Stone Cold' Stunner. At WrestleMania 32, Rusev and the 'League of Nations' had a promo interrupted by Hall of Famers Austin, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels.

The three wrestling legends came out and attacked the members. Austin hit Rusev with the stunner, which he didn't sell very well:

To be fair, the 'Stunner' isn't exactly the most convincing or pain-filled finisher. Rusev is far from the only WWE superstar who's had to oversell it.

Legends like The Rock and Scott Hall have also had to pretend the finisher really "finished" them off:

Next time Styles faces Rusev in a match, it may be safer for him to use the Phenomenal Forearm, or the Calf Crusher. With all due respect to both superstars, that looked more like a circus act than a match.


Nonetheless, Rusev has one of the most colourful wrestling personalities, so we're sure he didn't mind looking hilarious in that Stunner oversell. Better to do that in a dark match than at WrestleMania.

All that's left now is for tag team partner Aiden English to start singing about Rusev flopping hard on the Stunner.


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