Ryback Has Blocked Over 5000 People On Twitter

According to The Big Guy himself, Ryback has now had to block over 5000 people on Twitter.

Ryback is one of the more outspoken professional wrestlers currently active in the business, so when the former WWE Superstar started his own podcast, Conversation With The Big Guy, everyone knew there would be stories worth talking about. Most of the topics covered by Ryback and his co-host Pat Buck revolve around his time in WWE and The Big Guy pulls no punches. In fact, according to him, he's blocked over 5000 people on Twitter following the amount of abuse he gets from fans.

Ryback discussed fans coming at him on Twitter and revealed that he had discovered a way to find out how many people he had blocked. Turns out that figure is an impressive 5000. As controversial as Ryback often is with his weekly conversations, that number still comes as quite a surprise. Most people don't have that many followers let alone that many people blocked.


One of the latest controversies Ryback has been embroiled in revolves around his claims that he was penciled in to have a match with Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XXX. The late Warrior's wife Dana refuted the claims on Twitter and was less than happy about it. The backlash Ryback would have gotten from fans after upsetting Warrior's widow would have likely contributed a fair few people to that grand total of 5000.

Ryback parted ways with WWE in 2016 after becoming continually frustrated with how he was being booked. Even before leaving the company he was open about his displeasure in some unique ways, including having "Pre-Show Stopper" printed on his gear after a run of appearances on pay-per-view kick off shows. Since leaving, he's been doing the rounds on the independent circuit as well as making a name for himself in the ever-growing pro wrestling podcast business.

5000 people blocked may sound like an awful lot of people, but it's a drop in the ocean compared to the more than 1.5 million followers The Big Guy allows to interact with him. Ryback knows exactly what he's doing when he discusses controversial topics on his podcast, and it's simply smart business. Even though he's away from WWE, it's his outspokenness that has kept him relevant and making headlines every week or so.

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