Ryback Sounds Off On Recently Released WWE Superstars

You can never accuse Ryback of not being opinionated. His podcast, Conversation With the Big Guy, serves as the former Intercontinental Champion's main sounding board these days, and while he isn't afraid to shoot hard on people he doesn't like, he's also quick to praise people he does like, such as the three wrestlers WWE let go of in the last Sunday of October, 2017—Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae.

Out of the three WWE releases from last month, it was Darren Young’s release that was most disappointing for Ryback, given the fact that both men have known each other for a long time, and had debuted alongside each other as part of The Nexus. Ryback put Young over as someone who is a passionate wrestling fan, though he acknowledged that “Mr. No Days Off” was rather injury-prone during his time in WWE, and could have played a bigger role for the company had they given him a chance.


Regarding the fact that Young became the first openly gay wrestler in the WWE, Ryback commended his old friend for making the brave decision to come out, adding that Young’s sexuality would have been irrelevant in terms of WWE allowing him to stay on the roster longer than most people expected, or WWE finally deciding to cut him. Ryback also praised Young for his hard work, and said that if he didn’t get released last month, he would have been a good choice to work as a trainer.


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Like many fans, Ryback agreed that Emma’s release was the biggest surprise in last month’s wave of release, given that she had just wrestled a pair of competitive matches against Asuka. But as someone who knows what it’s like to deal with the fallout from critical comments made about the WWE on social media, the Big Guy said that Emma’s pointed remarks about her booking may have indeed been the catalyst for her release. He suggested that other wrestlers might want to talk to WWE management instead of registering their gripes on social media.

As for Summer Rae, Ryback said that while he always got along well with her, he wasn't aware of any circumstances that might have led to her departure.

"I'm sure she will be fine. She had other things going on besides wrestling," said Ryback, referring to Rae's numerous modeling gigs away from the ring.

Once again, these comments about WWE's October batch of releases are a pleasant departure from Ryback's usual fare of WWE-bashing on Conversation With the Big Guy. And while his assessment of Darren Young's potential career path is quite an interesting one, such is the way of life in the WWE— if creative has nothing for you, or in Emma's case, they feel slighted, you're bound to get a pink slip sooner rather than later.


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