Ryback Details Why Impact Wrestling Isn't Working

Former WWE superstar Ryback had a rather bitter departure from the company last year, requesting his release after being disgruntled with his pay and character direction.

The Big Guy hasn't held back in blasting the WWE and opening up about his exit, but he's now directed criticism towards Impact Wrestling—Vince McMahon's biggest rival promotion since he bought out WCW.

On his Conversation With the Big Guy podcast, Ryback discussed the problems with Impact Wrestling and the loss of some of their top talent.

“Impact Wrestling has been in a weird boat. A lot of their talent there have parted ways with them, and I’m not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing, but [Bram] was a talent that they used pretty consistently at one point and I think it was a mutual parting... It’s not the same when they were TNA. At one point they were at a level where they could have been considered the #2 company; they’re not the #2 company anymore. I don’t even know who #2 is."

Ryback certainly speaks the truth about the loss of top talent for Impact. They lost the face of the company in AJ Styles, who is now running the show on SmackDown as the WWE Champion. They weren't able to get new contracts done with Matt and Jeff Hardy, which led to them returning to the WWE at WrestleMania 34. Rockstar Spud also left the company after a visa paperwork error, and recently signed with the WWE.


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Impact also announced that they had ended their working relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling, which obviously hurt both promotions in banding together to compete with WWE more.

Ryback has wrestled in the independent circuit since his departure from the WWE. Judging by what he had to say about Impact Wrestling, it's safe to say that he probably won't be joining them anytime soon. Perhaps he'll find the next chapter in his pro wrestling career soon.


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