Ryback Makes Shocking Claims About AJ Styles, Money He Turned Down From WWE

Ever since the Payback preshow back in May, Ryback's future at WWE seemed bleak and now that The Big Guy has officially been released as of this month, he is revealing all on his podcast. Firstly, he claims that he rejected a three-year, $1.5 million contract, saying his departure wasn't for financial reasons.

"Not about a money issue, just so everybody knows, I walked away from the WWE, the contract offer that I walked away from was a three-year $1.5 million contract."

Ryback went on to say that his brand wasn't benefiting from his recent booking and that he was bothered when he was told to go out there and lose in two minutes or not have any buildup for a pay-per-view match. The most astonishing part was that Ryback revealed Vince McMahon had lied to him several times.

He went on to say he was told he'd be the company's top heel and that at WrestleMania 32, instead of Chris Jericho facing AJ Styles, Vince told Ryback to "squash that little twerp." Of course, in the end Ryback was relegated to the WrestleMania preshow, losing to Kalisto for the United States Championship but even then, it's hard to believe WWE paid so much money for Styles only to have Ryback squash him.

What are your thoughts on these claims by Ryback? You can listen to the full podcast here.

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