Ryback Reveals If He's Had Any Contact With Vince McMahon Since Leaving

Former WWE superstar Ryback reveals if he's kept in contact with Vince McMahon since he infamously left the company over a year ago, citing disputes with his pay and contract. The Big Guy made the announcement by posting a video on Instagram, and announced that he'd be taking bookings on the independent circuit.

That took place in August 2016, and Ryback has given a new update on his post-WWE career. Per WrestlingInc.com, Ryback appeared on The Domenick Nati Show to discuss whether or not he's been in contact with Vince McMahon since his release. Here's what he had to say (in part):

"I have not spoken to him since I left. It's one of those deals that I wasn't happy there, and the people that have followed my career can understand why...they left me no other option, I had to leave. I had to get out of there...I'm thankful for everything I achieved there and everything I had the opportunity to do."


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Ryback certainly hasn't been the only wrestler who recently quit WWE due to payment issues and/or creative differences Former World champion Batista left in 2014  because of discontent with his pay and contract. Neville also walked out of Raw last week and is set to leave the WWE.

In the interview, Ryback also said he'd continue working on the nutrition line he founded, Feed Me More, which sells workout supplements among other merchandise. Most recently, Ryback performed at a wrestling event in Australia and captured the Rock and Roll Heavyweight Championship.

It appears as though Ryback is more than satisfied in his post-WWE life, which is often the case when a superstar leaves under their own terms. Though he had some memorable moments in the WWE, Ryback obviously felt that Vince McMahon wasn't paying nor using him accordingly.

We'll see if Ryback manages to come back to WWE in the future. You can never fully close the door.


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