Ryback Says WWE "Is F**ing Themselves" With Network

Former WWE Superstar Ryback is host to a pretty popular podcast, and on said podcast, he has an interesting opinion on the WWE Network.

Since leaving the WWE last year on acrimonious terms, Ryback has hardly had anything good to say about his previous employers. And while previous rants have mostly focused on the company's top wrestlers and executives, it looks like The Big Guy's latest tirade is all about that one frequently-plugged WWE service that costs $9.99 a month—the WWE Network.

On the latest episode of Ryback’s podcast, Conversation With the Big Guy, the former Intercontinental Champion and Nexus member made his thoughts known about the WWE Network and its subscription model, which allows users to enjoy the first month free before getting charged $9.99 a month. Immediately, he registered a complaint about his subscription, explaining that he got it for free back when he was still employed by the WWE, but has yet to have it revoked, despite previous requests. Talking about Network numbers, Ryback cited an unnamed friend and said that he believes the service only draws about 1.3 to 1.4 million users, less than half of WWE’s 3 million subscriber target.


Ryback also complained that WWE’s one-month free trial for the Network doesn’t do the company any good, as people can easily work around the trial period by creating multiple emails to sign up and canceling before the 30 days are up.

"If you sign up by entering your email address you get a free month, but part of the problem is that they sign up with an email, get the free month and then cancel when they don't pay, and then afterwards they will enter a new email and get a free subscription again by creating a new email. It isn't hard at all to do and get another free month,” said Ryback. “They are f***ing themselves over by not having a better system in place that prevents this when remembering credit card information or names."

Despite being hyper-critical of the WWE Network subscription model, Ryback stressed that he wants the service to succeed, for the benefit of his friends who still work for the company.



Prior to this week's episode, Ryback often used Conversation With the Big Guy as a means for him to shoot on certain WWE personalities he didn't get along with, not the least of these being John Cena, Vince McMahon, and Triple H. He also hasn't shied away from dipping into controversial territory and making questionable comments, including claims that he was tentatively due to face The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XXX, and insinuations that many female wrestling fans tend to have mental issues, hence his reluctance to date them.

Despite Ryback's rather unsavory reputation for putting his foot in his mouth, he makes a good point when talking about the possible workaround for unlimited free WWE Network access, and how WWE needs to have a better system to safeguard against such tactics.


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Ryback Says WWE "Is F**ing Themselves" With Network