Ryback is taking credit for the Yep Movement on SmackDown Live.

Despite receiving a lot of flack from fans and current WWE Superstars, former star Ryback has a tendency to use his reach on social media to let his followers know what he thinks when it comes to wrestling the WWE and other mainstream entertainment. Recently, Ryback joked about three new topics/talents who probably don’t care much for what Ryback thinks.

First, Ryback took a moment to take a shot at Rusev who was working out with Jimmy and Jey Uso in the gym. While doing bent over barbell rows, Rusev and the Usos harmlessly decided to post a video of their workouts. If you scroll down the comments section you’ll find Ryback chime in to make a joke about the weight Rusev is lifting.

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Rusev’s response was gold in that he was quick to suggest he and the Uso’s were doing nothing but “natural workouts.”

PULL DAT ISH @rusevig @jonathanfatu #isymfs

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To suggest Ryback learned any sort of lesson from that exchange would be foolish. Only hours later, Ryback went back to social media and took credit for one of the more entertaining segments on SmackDown Live this week.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn tried to occupy SmackDown Live with a Yep Movement which would have seen countless fans, stars and managers rally around their cause and ensure they were treated fairly from here on in by Shane McMahon and the WWE heading into their main event match at Clash of Champions.

Owens and Zayn wore Yep! tees to the ring and tried to reenact an iconic moment when Daniel Bryan, leader of the “Yes!” movement did the same thing on an episode of Raw a couple years earlier. For Bryan, it worked, leading to the show actually stopping and Triple H granting his request for an opportunity at WrestleMania 30. For Owens and Zayn, the result wasn’t exactly what they’d hoped for. The only thing Owens and Zayn achieved was having Bryan added to the main event as a second guest referee.

Ryback decided to share an old photo of himself in a Yep t-shirt from long before his days as Ryback and suggest that he’s had a major influence on current WWE stars. While it seems clear Ryback was joking (we hope), a number of fans decided that Ryback and his former Skip Sheffield gimmick needed to be put in its place.

Fans leveled Ryback for his suggestion, many of them taking it literally, calling him pathetic and full of himself. We suppose this is one instance where Owens and Zayn don’t need to take the lead from Rusev and actually respond. It appears the WWE fans have done a nice job on their behalf.


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