Sami Zayn Filmed Swearing At A Fan

Sami Zayn was caught on camera by a fan a few days ago taking his newfound heel persona a little too far.

For pretty much his entire career, Sami Zayn has been a babyface. As a fan favorite wherever he's been, Zayn lets his incredible in-ring talent do his talking for him. That was up until Hell In A Cell a couple of weeks ago. The WWE Universe witnessed a shocking heel turn from The Underdog as he yanked Kevin Owens to safety leaving SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon to crash through the announce table after jumping from the cell.

For someone who has never tasted the heel life in pro wrestling, Zayn has taken to it like a duck to water. This past Tuesday night, The Underdog opened proceedings by dressing down General Manager, Daniel Bryan. Some of the things Zayn said to Bryan must have hit extremely close to home. Well, it turns out that Zayn hasn't just been a heel when the TV cameras are on him.


Footage filmed by a fan has found its way to the internet this week, and it shows Sami swearing at a fan. There appears to be a number of fans following Zayn very closely as he makes his way through an airport with one of them— the one filming—constantly trying to film the WWE Superstar's face. Eventually, Zayn has clearly had enough of the intrusive fan and tells him to "get the f*ck away."

Warning, the video has some strong language.

The topic of when you should and shouldn't approach pro wrestlers in public has been a hot one as of late. Sasha Banks left both fans and the locker room split following her comments about fans at airports, plus a fellow gym-goer angered Randy Orton after The Viper spotted him sneakily taking photos from afar.


There is clearly an etiquette that should be followed when meeting WWE Superstars out in the real world. Common sense should dictate that following them through an airport and sticking a camera in their face without asking is probably a pretty bad idea. Most wrestlers will be more than happy to meet their fans in the right situation, people just need to think about the circumstances at the time and actually treat them like human beings.

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