Joe And Lesnar's Brawl Video Has More Views Than Goldberg's Return

Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe's pull apart brawl that opened up Raw recently now has more YouTube views than Goldberg's triumphant WWE return.

In an era dominated by social media and online activity, earlier this week Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar's pull apart brawl surpassed Goldberg's WWE return in terms of YouTube views. At the time of typing this article, Joe and Lesnar's segment now has over 6.6 million views while Goldberg's return is currently on a mere 5.3 million. A pretty impressive achievement considering Brock and Joe's video has been up for less than two weeks while Godberg's return was eight months ago now, believe it or not.

Joe and Lesnar are on a collision course that will culminate in a match up for Brock's Universal Championship at WWE Great Balls Of Fire. What's even more exciting than that, at this time anyway, is both men will be under the same roof once again on Raw this coming Monday. Following the excitement from the pair's brawl the last time they clashed, who knows what might happen next week. Maybe another segment that will surpass both Goldberg's return and their recent pull apart.

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It was a discussion on the website Reddit that first  brought the viewing figures to light. Users of the Squared Circle forum on the site have been posting and discussing about the subject. Arguments have erupted about whether it's fair to compare the two numbers and why exactly they believe there's such a vast difference in fans wanting to watch Goldberg's return versus wanting to see Lesnar and Joe go at it on Raw.

The main difference between the two videos is, of course, the type of content within them. While Goldberg's return back in October of last year was ground breaking and must-see, it wasn't exactly action-packed. On the other hand the Raw segment between Brock and Joe was high octane from start to finish. When WWE does a pull apart brawl well it really makes for fantastic television, and last week's opening 20 minutes of Raw was exactly that. Plus it could be argued that older fans interested in Goldberg's return may not be the demographic using YouTube to catch up with pro wrestling.

WWE are very social media and internet driven in the present day. With the TV ratings continually dropping, news of a segment doing so well on YouTube will undoubtedly be looked upon as great business by the company. Here's hoping that the two men in question deliver something similar when they meet again on Raw this coming Monday night.


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